Today, I started my long collegiate journey at Georgia Regents University, and I think I've changed my major three times already. Just from today's experience, I love my school! I know now that I made the right decision in staying home for college. These are some of the reasons why I love GRU:

1. The campus: Georgia Regents has a beautiful campus. And it's forever growing. If you didn't know GRU is a consolidated between Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, both in Augusta. The campus is continuing to grow, and become more of a traditional campus!

2. The faculty: I will become a student in the Hull College of Business, which means that I will be advised and taught by their staff. I've known the assistant dean for a few years now, and we are best friends. She's so nice, and helpful in whatever I need. Also, one of my mentors works in the Hull College of Business (HCOB) and I will have him as a teacher in the future semesters.

3. The Affordability: This is my favorite bullet. In this day and age, the dream of going to college, debt free, is almost a fantasy. Students work hard in high school, just to have a mortgage worth of debt by the time they graduate. I don't qualify for Financial Aid, so I know the importance of scholarships and sacrifices to go to school.

In January, I was all set to attend Georgia State University, major in Film and Video, and have to take out loans to afford school. Some things happened, and now I will be attending Georgia Regents University paying less than $1000 a semester, after my first semester.

In a later post, I will talk about scholarships, and my senior year scholarship experience. But for now, I must rest, because I just spent 9 hours at orientation. I will be back tomorrow!

Go Jags,