So, this is a post I've been waiting to write for a while! It's about scholarships, and all of their beauty! I wanted to share, the Rickey Jones Guide to Scholarships!

This guide has been proven to work. During my senior year, I was awarded $17,000+ in Scholarships! 

These are some tips that will help you!

1. Keep a 'good' GPA: I am the first to admit that I don't have the highest GPA! I graduated high school with a 3.26 Grade Point Average! I understood that I was a B+ Student, and I was ok with that! I kept my GPA well so that I could get into good schools and get scholarships! Keeping a good GPA is very important to scholarships, if the scholarship committee sees that you were focused on your schoolwork, they will consider your application even the more!

2. Be highly involved in school and the community: The reason I say 'highly' involved is because the student council president is more likely to get scholarships than an inactive member. Many scholarship applications will ask you your involvement and position in the club! You will impress them if you can say how your ideas and involvement played a part in the club's year! Also, if you are a voice for teens in your community, scholarship committees will be more likely to give you a scholarship, so they can help you in your collegiate goals! I was known as "The Poster Child for Community Service", because I knew that if I played a part in my community, it would not only enhance my leadership skills, but also increase my chances for scholarships!

3. Don't be afraid to write: I recently sold my MacBook. But before I did, I saved all my scholarship essays to my flash drive. In all this year, I wrote about 20 essays for scholarships! I never got tired of it, because putting my ideas and experiences  on paper was never boring to me (which is why I started a blog)! Many scholarships go unclaimed because students don't apply for them because they didn't want to write an essay! Writing essays are so beneficial, why?

1. They get you ready for college papers.

2. They can be used for other scholarships. You can tweak an essay for one scholarship to use it for another

4. Be the best student, all around: 99.9% of scholarships ask for TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS! They are crucial to scholarship applications so the committees can see how you behaved and performed in school! All of the scholarships I applied for required either a teacher recommendation, or a teacher and principal recommendation. So, if you and your teachers, principals or even guidance counselors don't have a good relationship, CHANGE THAT IMMEDIATELY!

5. NEVER STOP APPLYING: I applied for about 12 Scholarships. If I didn't get one, I was never discouraged to apply for more, it gave me more drive to apply for more and get more! I can't wait to apply for more! Getting scholarships helps with self-confidence, because you see that your hard work in high school has payed off!

6. Standout: I started 3 businesses while I was in high school, and using that on my scholarship applications really helped me standout! Anything above and beyond that you did in high school, that is pretty 'mentionable' put it in there! It can only enhance your chances!

Scholarships are really some of the best parts about high school! Knowing that if I work hard in high school, going to college will be much more realistic because I have scholarships to help me!
Good Luck on your scholarship journeys! 

I love to talk, but I'd also love hearing from you! Comment below, or shoot me an email if you have any questions or concerns!