Why McDonald's is a great job!

I have a part-time job at McDonald's, which I have had for a little over a year now. Although working there can be difficult, I have no doubt that it's where I should be working. McDonald's gets so much flack for being an unhealthy, unmaintained, and disrespectful company, it's not. McDonald's, for teens is one of the best places to work.

The main reason McDonald's a great place to work is because it is recession proof. In this topsy-turvy American economy, McDonald's will always be stable because of their tasty menu and extremely affordable prices. Some places offer more high end prices for their entrees. If a family of four spends more than 30 Dollars at McDonald's, something is wrong.

Another reason McDonald's is a great place for teens to work is because of their National Scholarship. McDonald's has a great scholarship program, and they are willing to help you in your collegiate goals.

The last reason McDonald's is a great place for teens to work is because, there are so many of them! Every corner you turn, if you don't see any other restaurants, you'll see a McDonalds, and they never stop hiring.

Although the focal point of this post was McDonald's, many fast food restaurants are great places for teens to work. So, there is no excuse for teens not to have jobs. Many teens set their standards for where they want to work so high, but if the 'lower' their standards to fast food work... they will end up more hours, more money, and a better work experience.