I have arrived...SORRY

SO, I know I've been a little non-existent these past few weeks, but trust me, I haven't forgot about you guys. I just started college at Georgia Regents University, so I can't wait to give y'all some great tips on how to survive college, from my Freshman POV! In this first week, I have been approached about a Frat, eaten salads everyday to avoid Freshman 15, recieved a 730 page narrative as my textbook, and have stood in the bookline for a combined 2 hours, over the course of 4 trips!

College, is definitely not what I expected it to be. You see movies where the music is playing as you walk to class, or there are cheerleaders in the corridor performing for you, or professors assigning more homework than you can take... well, that is all WRONG! However, I have been hearing and relating to Mean Girls a lot so far, it's hands down one of the easiest teenage movies to quote, so when you see lost students, or ugly outfits, and so much more things that come with college, and school in general, a Mean Girls quote may slip out!

I'll be back,



I have some pretty exciting news to tell everyone later.