Be You!

In this confused, topsy-turvy thing we call life, one thing we must do as teens is not forget who we are. I have always been someone with a very happy-go-lucky personality, and a good heart. I've never accepted defeat in a situation, and always rise to occasions and succeed. I know this is very cliché, but let me explain what I mean when I say: BE YOU!

As teenagers, we are always taught to be like everyone else, whether you know it or not! From what we wear, how we talk, the things we eat, EVERYTHING that we do is always being questioned, or edited by someone else. School puts us in a debilitating state, where we as teenagers are doing exactly what our friends and superiors are doing, because it's what's cool or the norm. I have always been the person to question the norm. By breaking the mold, and deflating the social balloon, I have always been at the forefront of change. Mind you, I'm not saying that you need to drop everything, and believe what I say, because I'm always correct, WRONG! In fact, I love for people to question my views, and come back at me harder, and provoke my mind, to open it up.

These are some tips to help you "Be You":

1. Get Involved: By getting involved in school, church or any type of extracurricular activity, you are opening up you mind to new ideas, new ways of thinking and even new people, who you may have never met if you didn't get involved. My best friend, Jason, is a golfer, who is more on the quiet side, and isn't into fashion, HOWEVER, had I not have gotten involved with the school broadcast program in high school, we would've never made the amazing connection we have now! Just because the 'popular" kids say that being in a club is lame, they will never be able to reach your level of potential, because they were so narrow-minded and you took the next step towards greatness!

2. Develop an Opinion, have evidence to back it up: This is very important to me. So many people who I thought were attractive, lost points because they weren't abreast on what is going on in the world, and they didn't have an opinion.  About 95% of my conversations with people, whether at dinner or just walking to class, are intellectual. I love probing for information from people, and really getting to know people on the intellectual level. Intellectual conversations can last HOURS because you start to talk about so many different topics, and you can hardly take it! Earlier this Summer, my good friend Damla and I went to the mall, before she went off to UGA. I was on a time crunch (as I usually am) but I wanted to see her, and she had some homemade baklava to share with me! We started talking about hipsters on Tumblr, and how they always talk about being socially oppressed, and yet oppress others at the same time, and talked for hours! We walked around the entire mall, went to the Food Court and Barnes and Noble, and talked. Having opinions on things really is one the best ways of getting to know people, and letting people get to know you! Always have evidence to back up your opinion, as well. Do your research on a topic, because if you don't you may look dumb, and no one wants that!

3. Have a Signature Style: I've always been preppy. I first discovered Abercrombie Kids when I was 10 years old, and I had just about every button-up and polo in the store! I knew from a young age that Modern Prep was and will always be my style! People who are confident in themselves, usually tend to dress like it! Even if it's jeans and a t-shirt, wear it with the confidence of knowing that no one can wear this like you can.

4. Challenge to be different: I have always been different! From the way I talk, dress and even WALK, I've never been the stereotype! It comes naturally, actually. Being apart of big groups of people who are all the same is boring. Being boring is not fun, at all!! When you're boring you get caged in a small box, where many people are the same, and there is no distinction among you! I don't know the majority, but I love to be an outcast, and be different! I love letting my unique personality show, because it helps my self-confidence in that people are looking at me, and noticing my personality!

I hope these tips gave you a different approach to being yourself! These teenage years are really the formative years, to help you mold and shape the great person you are meant to be! Thanks for reading!