Classy in College: Breaking the College Kid Stereotype

So, the number one stereotype I have seen in college so far is, LAZY FASHION! When we graduate from high school and start college, everyone says, "I'm going to wear sweatpants and t-shirts everyday!", and the sad thing about that is, many students actually do it! I am sick of it, I couldn't imagine waking up everyday thinking, "Hmm, which color sweats are we going to wear today, Rickey?" Then again,  I do care about fashion, and the way I look everyday!  I've done my research, and it shows that many students don't dress well in college, because they aren't serious about their education! My whole thing is, WE PAY TO GO HERE, so why are you not taking your education seriously! I'm going to share some tips as to how to be Classy in College with your dress!

1. Get Good Rest: I know this is hard in college, but it is very important! Receiving enough rest during the night almost guarantees you a better day, because you are well rested, and you have a clear focus on the day! Also, getting good rest will help you be more prompt, and help you be more alert and more aware of your outfit decisions!

2. Look for Student Discounts: They are everywhere! Banana Republic gives 15% off of regularly priced items with a student I.D., trust me, I've used it numerous times! Not only do you end up paying less than retail price, but you can keep your closet CURRENT with new trends and pieces!

3. Do #OOTD: If you don't know what #OOTD stands for, it means Outfit of the Day! I love it because it keeps me on my toes as to what I have and haven't worn in my closet, and let's my showcase my style everyday! I have started a account, so that you guys can keep up with what I wear on a daily basis, that way you can get some style ideas as well!

4. Surround Yourself with Successful People: Let's face it, the most successful people in this world have a very keen eye for fashion, whether they express it or not! Steve Jobs, had a signature style with the black turtleneck, light-washed jeans, grey New Balance Shoes, and round-framed glasses, while this rememberable outfit was not always 'en vogue', it was what Mr. Jobs was known for, and he was a very successful man! I would like to say that I have had a substantial amount of teenage success! I am known for my preppy style and layering my clothing! My mentor, Dr. Anthony Robinson, is ALWAYS dressed to the 9-10-11, he is a very successful man, who cares about what he wears, and how he looks, especially since he makes multiple trips to the gym everyday!

Dressing well isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling good, and knowing that you have confidence to do anything you set your mind to! I have an elevated level of confidence, because I know that when people see me, they see a professional young man who is on the move! I want that to be you too! With some readjustments to your daily style, you can do it too!