Staying En Vogue, and on Budget!

This post is dedicated my English Professor, who opened up my mind to this topic... Many people feel the need that they must break the bank to stay up to date with fashion, and look GREAT! I beg to differ, these are my tips on how to stay "En Vogue" and on budget!

If you couldn't already tell, by my other blog posts about it, I LOVE fashion! Also from the excessive pictures of my outfits on Instagram, you could definitely tell, that fashion is a big part of my life! You already know money is a HUGE part of my life, as well. I have a blog about it, so you would think I'm pretty passionate about it, right? Well, combining my passions for money and fashion, you get this post!

So, here we go...

DISCLAIMER: I love fashion, but I am biased to preppy clothing, because it's clean and neat, and really, everyone looks good in it. I love Couture and Runway, but Ready to Wear is my specialty! My FAVORITE brands can be found on the left side of this webpage! Other designers I love are Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs Versace, and Givenchy. OK, back to your regularly scheduled blog post!

1. DON'T BUY OUTFITS: Most people end up breaking the bank when buying outfits, because they feel they have to buy outfits when they shop! In today's society, if you go buy a WHOLE outfit this is the basic breakdown of what you will pay.

Shoes: Clarks Desert Chukka Boots from Piperlime- $120.00
Sweater: Reversed Striped Pullover Sweater from Gap- $44.95(Retail)
Polo: Modern Pique Polo from Gap- $29.95(Retail)
Pants:1969 Slim Pants from Gap- $59.95(Retail)

The full retail value* of this outfit is.... $254.85. So, for one night of going out, it's going to cost you $254.85. Luckily in beautiful companies like Gap, there is usually a sale going on, so you never have to buy things for full retail! Buying outfits for very special occasions is acceptable, but not for just one night. The next tip is what you should do!

2. BUY PIECES!: The thing about fashion is, it's always going to be there! The stores won't stop stocking, the designers won't stop designing... fashion is one of the biggest parts of human life, whether you care about it or not! Buying pieces is so much more cost effective, than buying outfits! If you buy the sweater and shoes one day, and the pants and shirt the next week, then that helps you space out your spending, and give a little bit more time to make more money before you spend it!

3. EMAILS: Signing up for a store's emails is a GREAT way to save money! Even though the emails start to take over your inbox, they usually have great deals, sales, and tips on how to wear outfits! When signing up for emails, however, make sure you sign up for emails from companies that you're actually going to shop from. For instance, I do not need to sign up for emails from Forever 21, because, I don't shop there! So, then my inbox won't be flooded with emails from them!

4. SHOP FREQUENTLY: I know you're probably thinking, "Rickey, how do you expect me to save money, when I'm shopping frequently?" It's actually really easy! Going to your favorite store once or twice a week, will help you scope out how much you need to allot to get what you really want from the store! Also, it will help you keep up with sales trends, and show you if the price of your item is going to fall in a period of time. For example, I go to Banana Republic, and I see a Classic White Polo, which costs $39.50, it's not on sale, so I have to make the conscious decision to wait on buying it! Next week, I come back to Banana Republic, and the same shirt is 30% off, so the shirt really close me a little less than $30! I get excited, because I saved almost $10, which can go to something else, or for my savings!

5. QUALITY/QUANTITY: I can not stress this enough! "Quality over Quantity" is a BIG thing to remember when shopping! Many people say that you should try to get as much as possible, and stock up your closet. I beg to differ! In today's society, people buy MANY pieces of clothing made of cheap fabric, and poorly made. I believe it's time to start getting back to wearing well made clothing! When I'm shopping, if I find two shirts from Gap, at least I know that those clothes are made well! Developing your closet with well made clothing over a period of time, is MUCH better than trying to form a whole wardrobe in one week! If you can develop a well made closet in a week, please be my guest! I, however, will continue, and never stop developing my closet with well made clothing!

Fashion is so important to everyone, whether they care about it or not! It you DO care about fashion, make sure you're getting the most for your money! I hope these tips help you stay En Vogue and On Budget