Atlanta Socialite, if only for a day...

Packed and Ready to Go!
A couple of weekends ago,  I demanded to get out of the city of Augusta. It was going to be hard, since my school and work schedules rarely offer me an opportunity to do anything, except the two. My quest for getting out of Augusta came in the form of my life-long friend's, The Horseman Family! The dad, owning a clothing boutique in Augusta, and the daughters, one in school with me, as well as my coworker, helped me on my journey! If you didn't know, this weekend was Atlanta Apparel Weekend! It was all contained in the coliseum called, "America's Mart, Atlanta"! I'll give you more explanation in a little while. The next force for me getting out of the city, was my friend Madison! I asked her, after I was invited to go to Market, if she wanted to go see her family in Conyers, GA! Conyers is passed on the way to Atlanta, so it wasn't a stretch!

The Beautiful view of Madison's Backyard
On Saturday Morning, at 8AM, Madison and I hit the road for Atlanta! We are both very prompt people, so getting on the road on schedule was nothing! We rode to Conyers, and pulled up in driveway. Mind you, this is all a surprise to Madison's family, they had absolutely no idea that we were coming! We opened the door, and Madison's dad, with an overwhelmed look on his face, welcomed us into their country home! The scenery was beautiful, with huge fields full of beautiful trees. Conyers was easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! We got there just in time to see Margaux and Madison's mom, before it was time for me to hit the road to downtown Atlanta!

I wasn't kidding, was I?
I got on the road to downtown and made it there safely! Luckily, there was a parking garage that had a special offer of 5 dollars for all day parking! I met with the Horseman's at Hooters on Peachtree, and we walked together as a group down to America's Mart! We walked through the tunnels to get to the bi"by boe", and I purchased a scarf from Steve Bullington, who used to work under the amazing, Ralph Lauren!
g event! As soon as we reached the front corridor, into the main event, I was breathless! It seemed to be infinite! It looked like America's Mart had taken an abandoned hotel, and converted it into a wholesale mart! It was beautiful! I bought a unique bracelet from Australian designer

While there, I met some pretty inspiring people, and exchanged numbers and business cards! It was a great day!
After I had seen everything there was to see, I left to go to my next destination, I really didn't know where it was going to be, but I had a few ideas of where I wanted to go! I walked down the streets of Atlanta, trying to contemplate my next move! Then, I saw a sign for MARTA, which stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, and I knew I had to go! I went to the train station, to get my BreezeCard, and loaded it to have multiple rides through the city! I decided to go to my favorite, Lenox Square! I got on the train to ride to Lenox, and a very nice girl named Kyniesha helped me guide my journey through the MARTA system! I had to take 3 trains to get to Lenox Square, but when I got off the train, I was literally facing the mall!
Shopping at Bloomingdales

Walking through Lenox Square, seeing all the well-dressed people made me so inspired! Of course, I had to go shopping while I was there, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't go shopping! I bought a cosmetic bag from Gap, luckily they had it, because I had be eyeing it for a long time, and we didn't get it in our store, so I had to get it! I also g
Fried Guacamole from Las Flores
Chips and Salsa from Las Flores
ot a hat and a hoodie that we don't have in the store (I returned the hoodie when I got home).  I also bought a Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt from Bloomingdales! I walked around the mall for a little while longer, before I decided to head back to my car! Then I took the MARTA back to where I started from!
The Wall of Mexican Tequila at Las Flores

I decided to head back to Conyers, my day was so beautiful! I got back to Conyers, and I was starving, I was having so much fun enjoying Atlanta, that I forgot to eat. I really didn't want to eat commercial food, I wanted to experience something different! Luckily, Madison and her family, had the same thoughts! For dinner, we went to a local Conyers restaurant named Las Flores, an authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Conyers! We walked in, and the restaurant was the epitome of small town eclectic charm! From the beautiful decorations, to the personal waiters, it was beautiful! We delighted in the unique chips and salsa, and I had a shrimp quesadilla for my entree! After dinner, we took a small tour of Conyers and saw were some of the shots for the television series, "The Originals"! It was such a great time! After all that fun, we went to a few stores to do some more shopping! I found a Michael Kors sweater for $30! Then we got home and watched my FAVORITE movie, "The Devil Wears Prada"! If you couldn't tell already, I had a ball!

Later that night, when I fell asleep, I got some of the best rest I've had in a while! With school, work, a blog and a business, I'm a pretty busy guy, but it was so nice to have two days off just to rest and have fun! On Sunday, we stopped by my favorite gas station, QuikTrip, for a slushie before heading back to home! I had a great weekend in Atlanta! It really showed me what all there is to offer in other places! I can't wait to go back! My favorite part about Atlanta, is that it's only a short drive from where I live, so I can always drive up to Atlanta for a little getaway, whenever I feel like I need it! Being in Atlanta also showed me how important it is to have fun! Like I said earlier, I'm a very busy guy, but being an Atlanta Socialite for just one day, helped me not only relax and get away, but have some great fun! Make it mandatory to have fun, because if you don't everything else becomes non enjoyable, I experienced this myself! We work so hard all the time, we deserve to have a fun weekend or a few days, of doing things that we want to do!

Thanks for Reading,