Never Leave 'Em

There are some things I never leave without! The list used to only contain a few things, however, as I have gotten busier, the list as gotten longer! I want to share with you a few things I don't leave at home:

1. MacBook Air 13inch: It's my gateway to my readers, my MacBook Air! I love my computer because of the fact that it's so thin and compact! I can take it anywhere, and it never gets in the way! The battery life is also AMAZING! On my day to day adventures, I know my computer will be there to help me whenever I need it! Whether it's a quick edit on a post, or online shopping, my computer is extremely versatile! Not to mention that my computer is very sleek and modern, just like me!

2. Moleskine: Not only do I write on my blog, I also keep a personal journal! Most guys don't keep journals, but I love to write in mine, because it really helps me get out everything I've been dealing with! I even write down post ideas, and bring them to life! My Moleskine is special to me, because it's green and has a Vineyard Vines sticker on the front! I never leave the house without my journal, because whenever I need to write something down, it's always right there to supplement!

3.Post-It Notes: Since I was younger, I have always loved Post-It Notes! I am a pretty forgetful person, and being able to write things down on little notes, really helps me! I write my grocery lists, contact information, quotes, homework assignments and so much more on Post-It Notes! I also love how they come in so many different colors! However, I mostly stick to the classic yellow post-it note.

4. Cardigans: Since high school, I have loved cardigans! They are so comfortable and they look so good on! I have a plethora of cardigans in my closet, in all different colors and styles! My favorite cardigan is my Red Lacoste Cardigan from the 1980s, I found it one day when I was thrifting and shopping with my cousin, Xavier! It was just sitting on the shelf, ready to be taken home by me, and now it is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! Cardigans really help your outfit stand out! By throwing a cardigan over your arms, you have added a whole other element to your outfit!

5. Water: I prefer to drink either Smart Water, or Dasani, and having a go-to bottle to quench my thirst is always a plus! Our bodies are 70% water, so it's pretty smart to have water to keep ourselves hydrated.

6. My Camera: My first paycheck from when I was 16 was enough for me to go by a camera! Now, it's on my favorite things! I always have my camera charged and ready for the photogenic moments that I come in contact with! A camera is a very good investment, especially for blogging, who doesn't want a quality camera to take good pictures with?

7. Starbucks: I have the Starbucks App downloaded on my phone! So that, when I go to the store to get some, my gift card is readily accessible for me! I prefer to get a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato, but now that it's cold out, nothing gets me through my day like a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte!

These are just some of the things that I don't leave the house without! I would love to hear what you don't leave the house without! Let me know!