Here I am... Let's get Styled!

Greetings readers! Happy New Year! I sincerely apologize about not writing for almost two months, with school and everything else, I had a hard time making time to write! I hope you and yours have had a great Holiday Season! I want to talk about New Years Resolutions! As you know, many people begin New Years Resolutions, but around early February, they start to fizzle away! I want EVERYONE to set a New Years Resolution, "Style the New Year"! I have some tips that will help you on your journey to "Style the New Year".

1. Allot a budget for clothes: Even if it's $30 a month, a steady closet expansion is truly the best method for developing style! A new shirt or a new pair of jeans every month will give you something to look forward to, and keep your closet current!

2. Don't be afraid to thrift: I have had a true change of heart when it comes to thrifting! I have found some of the most memorable pieces in my closet from thrift stores. The key to thrifting is your eye for quality! If you are known for your quality pieces, and making a statement, you will thoroughly enjoy thrifting!

3. Organize your closet: This is REALLY helpful, surprisingly! Organizing your closet helps you take a good look at what you have, and prevents you from re-buying or not buying something that can supplement your closet!

This year I am committed to being the most stylish I've EVER been!

Will you join me?