Summer, Catching Waves or Catching Up?

As you all know, I have just completed my first year of college. I can't believe it. Sometimes, I think I'm in this time warp, and that everything is going much slower than I think. I have been on a hiatus, why, because of school. College is no joke, in high school it was so easy for me to coast on by, and still make good grades, that's not the case in college.

However, more than ever, college has helped me develop my fashion sense, and my design skills. Every day I walk the halls of my school, longing to find some forms of inspiration for design, unfortunately, I don't find too many. There are a few premier fashionistas at my school, but they are few and far between. 

In college, I have begun to wonder if summer is for catching waves or catching up. In my case, I've been catching up. This summer, I am taking 3 courses and while they are necessary for my degree and completion rates, I really don't want to take them. So far, I have been to the beach zero times this summer. I have only been out of town once, and I've only shopped for clothes at one store. So as you can see, my summer is not ideal for my habits. 

I have been making strides to be as productive as I can this summer, so that when I get back to school in the fall I will not only caught up, but ahead of the game. I'm going to share with you a few ways to use your summer vacation to get ahead of the game.

1. Learn a new trade: Since summer, my design skills have been enhanced tremendously. Mind you, I've known how to sew for a while now, but now I have time to fine tune my craft/trade. Learning a new trade may spark a new passion inside of you, and help you access some talents that you never knew that you had. Recently, I had a friend ask me if I made block letter shirts for sororities. Had I not been taking the time to work on my sewing, I don't know if I would've been able to say yes.

2. Work Full-Time or Increase Your Hours: This Summer, I have gone from working 15 hours to 25 hours a week. I have been able to work more, because I have more time. When you work more, what happens? You make more money. Money that can be saved for your next semester, a trip abroad, or that Hermes bag you saw at Saks.

3. Take Summer Classes at your local school: What I have realized is, taking summer classes is really beneficial. I know you're probably like, "Duh Rickey", but many people don't see the added benefit of taking them. The time length is shorter, the depth of the information is less, and you get the same amount of credit. Many people who take summer classes, with the right GPA, have to pay little to nothing to take courses, which is an even better benefit.

4. Start/Revamp a Business: This is my favorite one, because it helps me make money, build my resume and maybe even learn a new trade. About 2 summers ago, I was featured for a customized denim business I started in my garage. One of my friends recently contacted me and asked me did I still make denim shorts, while I haven't made them in a while, I still was able to revamp that business. Now, because of my previous summer ventures, I have more orders for shorts.

Many people see summer as a time to relax, and not be productive. I see summer just like I see the other three seasons, a time to get ahead of the game. I hope these tips will help you find some ways to get ahead during your summer break.