Week 4

Well, it's Week 4 of my internship, and I can say that it's great. I'm learning so much, and making so many connections. What's so funny, I really didn't think this internship would affect me that much, but now, I feel like it's my full-time job! I have also learned so much about myself and how I like to work. What I love about this internship is that I get to work with brands. I could totally see myself launching my own brand! I feel like this internship is helping me with my brand development! 

However, this internship is not easy. I've definitely got my work cut out for me! I have made a vow to myself, to be as professional and proficient as possible! If I give my best, I will get the best! Here is a tip on how you can give your best on your job:

Staying One Step Ahead: Vera and I have a great relationship. I always like to stay one step ahead of Vera, so that she sees how committed and organized I am. Staying one step ahead helps your boss get more things done! When they see that you have completed most of your tasks, they can allow you to work on something more enjoyable! For example, every Monday, Vera and I have a meeting where we go over the outlines for the week. Vera sends me the outlines on Sunday, so staying one step ahead of her would be printing the outlines, reading over the outlines, taking notes on the outlines, and preparing things for Monday Morning!

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