50 Post Challenge #1: Somewhere you've always wanted to travel to

I haven't had many opportunities to travel, so my list of places I want to travel is quite... infinite! One place that I will say I want to travel is definitely Greece. Learning about Greek culture growing up, and always having an interest in Greek Mythology, I feel like it would only be right to travel there. From the beautiful architecture, to the crystal blue waters, Greece is one of my favorite countries. In Augusta, we have a festival every year called Arts in the Heart, we have a cultural food market, and Greece always has a fabulous set-up! We even have a Greek Festival every year that I love to enjoy! Greece is definitely on my top places to travel! Maybe I'll go on a Study Abroad Trip, We'll see! For now, I'll just enjoy these photos I pulled from Tumblr! Isn't Greece just gorgeous?

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