50 Post Challenge #2: Your favorite book/show/movie growing up

Since I'm so indecisive, I'm going to do all three!

Book:When I was growing up, I used to spend all of my money on books, so this is quite difficult to choose my favorite! Books used to mean more to me than clothes (shocking, right?). If I had to choose one book that was my favorite, I think it would be New Boy by Julian Houston!  I really got into the book, and really never put it down! Here is the book description:

Fifteen-year-old Rob Garrett wants nothing more than to escape the segregated South and prove himself. But in late 1950s Virginia, opportunity doesn’t come easily to an African American. So Rob’s parents take the unusual step of enrolling their son in a Connecticut boarding school, where he will have the best education available. He will also be the first student of color in the school’s history. No matter—Rob Garrett is on his way. But times are changing. While Rob is experiencing the privilege and isolation of private school, a movement is rising back home. Men and women are organizing, demanding an end to segregation, and in Rob’s hometown, his friends are on the verge of taking action. There is even talk about sitting in at a lunch counter that refuses to serve black people. How can Rob hope to make a difference when he’s a world away?

This book challenged me to always be different! I really connected with the main character Rob, and it's a fantastic read, I think I should go back and read it again.

Show:I will say hands down my favorite show growing up was Rugrats. The imagination of these infants was really something that I thought was so genius, and made for some great children's television. My favorite character on the show was definitely Tommy Pickles, he for me was a beacon of leadership, especially since he was the youngest of all the babies! I can distinctly remember one episode, however, where Chuckie Finster had to be potty-trained, and he could barely hold it in when he had use the facilities. Little things like that really made my childhood hilarious! It started something in me from a young age to never stop imagining the world around you. It's funny, because I kind of live my life like the babies! I am usually in a happy-go-lucky state of mind, and I think it's so much fun when I get to use my life like it's a movie!

Movie:Ok, now this is difficult. I really never had a favorite movie growing up. I remember, however, how much I loved the movie Good Burger. I really didn't think about that until now. Hmm, I think one of my favorite movie growing up would have to be The Fighting Temptations! Cuba Gooding, Jr and Beyonce are DYNAMITE on screen, and that movie was really one of the best! It tells the story of Darren Hill (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), who is from the South, but takes the first ticket to New York to go into the liquor industry. He returns to Monte Carlo, Georgia for the Funeral of his Aunt Sally. In her will, Aunt Sally leaves Darren to lead the church choir. He reluctantly takes the job, when he finds about the Gospel Explosion, and a large cash prize, which he intends to pay off some of his credit card fraud. He then meets Lily (Beyonce), who has been scorned from the choir because she sings in a local night club, and has a child out of wedlock. She joins the choir because it was Aunt Sally's dying wish that her and Darren would get married. Ok, I don't want to spoil the rest, so I'll just leave you all to go watch it. It's an amazing movie, and you have to see it some time in life!

Here's just a little bit into my upbringing!
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