Madison on TMP: Thrifting 101

Hey everybody! Even though it doesn’t feel like it in some places, fall is officially here! Target’s got their Halloween décor out; well they’ve had it out since ‘Back to School season’ was over (And they’ll have Christmas décor ready to purchase come Election Day (GO VOTE!)), all the Autumn-y smelling candles, sprays, soaps, lotions, EVERYTHING, are on the shelves, Starbucks “can’t even” with all the Pumpkin Spice Latte purchases and Instagram posts and Snaps, and most importantly bikinis, summer dresses and flip flops are being replaced by coats, scarves and boots. I think we’ve all noticed how much more expensive fall fashion is compared to that of summer, and I’m sure y’all have been through this a time or two: you see a gorgeous pair of boots or a lovely sweater that will just go so great with everything and you’re already imaging yourself wearing it, and then you look at the price tag. The dreamy music stops, the perfect day dream ends, and you take a real quick step back from the article of clothing/accessory. With prices being where they are it may look like you’ll be wearing last fall’s outfits or even layering summer clothes, but have no fear, here are some tips and suggestions on how anyone can look good this fall (and any other season) without breaking the bank. 

Hey, Madison! Can we go thrift shopping? What, what, what, what.:I enjoy “thrifting”, and while my closet and drawers aren’t full of thrifted items, they’re there. I know some of y’all are just totally against buying and wearing someone else’s clothes, or you feel like people will notice and then judge you for wearing used items, and I get that, but just hear me out on this one, okay? I may the proclaimed “bargain queen”, but I’m very picky and selective about what I end up purchasing at thrift stores. When thrifting I pay attention to general wear and tear, so I look for stains, rips, holes or snags. I think of versatility, “how many times can I wear this and switch it up?”, and what with and for how long. Lastly, I look at the brand name, Van Huessen or Dior?, and I look for any price tags, it’s like buying brand new stuff, sort of. I’m also very mindful of where the store locations are. The Goodwill in Bankhead is not going to have the same stuff as the Goodwill in Buckhead (Those are Atlanta neighborhoods. Bankhead is “the hood” and Buckhead is very affluent.) Not only will the Buckhead Goodwill have a different selection than the one in Bankhead, it is bound to have nicer and more up to date styles. Take into consideration, however, that since you will be in nicer areas the prices will reflect that (I mean, it’s Goodwill, so it won’t be like WOAH! Like the tees are going to $5 instead of $3 or something like that.) 

See your summer fashion in a new (Autumn tinted) light.: Don’t pack up that cute tank you got this summer just yet! Pair it with a cardigan or cute jacket to give it a fall look. I love doing that and it always dresses up the tank or camisole. I have a sarong beach cover that I thrifted (and then washed), I tie the ends together and I loop it around my neck twice to make a drapey infinity scarf! Perfect with a cardigan, jeans, and boots. These are just two examples but the possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to experiment and transform stuff! But please keep the fall color wheel in mind when you’re being all adventurous in making summer pieces a part of your fall ensemble, pleeeeeease! The brightest colors acceptable in the fall are the orange on your carved pumpkin and the red of that crisp and tasty North Georgia apple. 

Plan ahead: Right now stores all over are marking their summer stuff waaay down and it’s the perfect time to buy for next year! Bathing suits, tank tops, tees, dresses, crop tops (Gross. But if you’re into it…), sandals, everything! So hit up your favorite retailers and cleanse them of all of their summer stuff, I’m sure they’ll be appreciative! This time last year I bought 3 men’s tank tops (aren’t they called like board tops or something? Something more “manly” than tank tops, I know that.) from Target for like 2 dollars each. They were marked down 90%! They’re kinda’ boring and basic so I pair them with colorful cardigans and scarves to “cute” them up. This goes for the transition from winter to spring, too! Stock up on winter basics in February/March, you’ll save some money and you’ll be prepared for next fall and winter.

It’s okay to splurge.: I know I’ve been preaching saving money and finding bargains this whole post, but I still have stuff that I won’t compromise on, things that I will never hesitate to pay full price on. I always buy my boots and jeans at full price. Random, right? Well, let’s just say my calves fit my frame, so I have to buy boots that have a larger shaft so that costs extra money, and I want those boots to be good boots and I want them to last, so I buy the good name brand (Sorry Payless.) wide calf boots and I don’t flinch as much at the total because I know that it’s necessary and unavoidable(to me). Same thing with my jeans, tall jeans from Old Navy are the only ones that fit me juuuust right. So I pay that extra money for that “special sizing” that’s exclusively online and I’m cool with it because high-waters are gross and proper length jeans are a must. I’m also okay with spending a little more on “luxury brand” items or things from my favorite designers. I’m not a girl that’s concerned with having all name brand things, and I’m not really into flashing the emblems or insignias, I just want to make sure that the clothes look good on me and I feel good in them.

I hope you take these tips and suggestions with you next time you go shopping or the next time you look at your closet and think “What am I going to wear today?”, and know that I’m always down to go thrifting with any of y’all!
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