My Fabulous Weekend: A Queen Is Crowned and Leafy-Eyed Best Friends

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel, I always have an amazing time! This past week, my best friend Madison came to visit me in Augusta, and we spent some amazing time together. She left Friday night, but I came up on Saturday Afternoon to spend the night at her house! I'll come back to this!

On Friday Night, my family and I attended the Homecoming Game for the Academy of Richmond County! ARC is the 5th Oldest Existing Public High School in the United States, and the 1st in the South! My mother, uncle, aunt, and one cousin have graduated from there, so needless to say, it's a family school! Well, we made more history on Friday! My cousin, Kayla, was on Homecoming Court, and we all came to support her. All week, she has been posting pictures, and keeping us updated on all of her Homecoming ventures. We were all waiting with nervous anticipation for the announcement. On Friday, the court came to the field, Kayla was called 2nd and our family was the loudest in the stadium. After all the candidates had been called to the field, the announcer called the second and first runner up, then it was time for him to call the winner, and he said, "Your 2014 Homecoming Queen is... Kayla Dawn Price!" We completely lost it, I couldn't believe what he had said, I was truly in AWE!

My cousin Kayla is an amazing girl! She is a fabulous tennis player, a serious scholar athlete, and a great dancer. She truly deserves this honor, and I'm so proud of her for achieving this.

Back to Saturday. I drove up to Conyers and arrived at the Bowie residence. I got some much needed rest, and was able to spend some good time with my friends. After Madison left to go to work, Luke and I went to our friend Liz's house, to attend their annual Halloween Party, and we had a BALL! Everyone was so nice, and really made us feel welcome! Especially since it was a costume party, and we weren't wearing costumes. Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast, and Madison and I had a photo shoot on their property, where she told me the history of their property, and she led me to the creek, which was one of the coolest places I've ever been. Getting to hear different things about my friend's upbringing is something that is very special to me! During this crazy semester, it's been great to have a few moments where I can escape, and it does me so well to be able to escape with my best friends. Hopefully I get to have some retail therapy during Black Friday with Madison and her family! Madison is truly my rock, and I thank God for her everyday! She will never know how much she means to me!

Here's to continuing to enjoy Fall!

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