My Westobou Experience!

If you didn't know already, I'm from Augusta, Georgia! I was born and raised in this fabulous place, and we have some pretty cool things. One of the things that we have is the Westobou Festival! What is Westobou, you ask? Westobou is a GIGANTIC annual arts festival in Augusta! They offer art in the forms of Visual, Words, Music, Dance and Film! It's amazing! I am always awestricken by the things they bring to Augusta! This year, I decided that I was going to take a part in Westobou, and my opportunity came pretty easily!

On last week, I saw a post on Facebook saying, "Share this photo and tell us why You Deserve To Win" So, I did just that! I shared the photo with my Facebook friends, and submitted this response to the question: "I feel that I should win these tickets because I plan to use them to help my friends experience the true essence of Augusta. I understand how important Westobou and the Arts are to Augusta, and I feel that it is my duty as a patron of the arts, to expose the community to the Arts in Augusta! We are so blessed to have something as amazing as the Westobou Festival in our backyard, and my friends who are here for college, should have the opportunity to experience this great festival! Amos Lee has been one of my favorite artists since his debut album, and I know that he is amazing live. The Color Run would be a great experience for me, seeing as though I don't like to run, but, I'm willing to give it a shot! I really hope you all consider me for the tickets, the new generation of College students needs to be exposed to Westobou and the Arts, and I am committed to doing just that!" Well, this past Wednesday, I get on Twitter to find this:
And when I tell y'all I literally SCREAMED, I did! I won 10 tickets to see Amos Lee and 10 free registrations to The Color Run! This was a HUGE DEAL! I asked around all week, and my friends Derek, Lyndsay, Allison, Gracie and Cole came with to the concert! We went to dinner, and got to the concert. Amos Lee is an AMAZING artist, if you don't know how he is, you are truly missing out! This performance gave me everything I needed and more. I got rock, folk, country, gospel, hip hop, soul, and SO much more! Amos has one of those interesting voices, almost like a cross between Frank Ocean and Lenny Kravitz!
I loved every minute of it! I hope I get to see him some time soon! 

Ok, The Color Run...

My one disclaimer, I don't usually run. I never conger enough motivation, however, today was different! The Color Run, The Happiest 5K on Earth, was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Derek (my Young Life Teammate, and all around big brother) and I, drove down to the starting lane, and got registered. First, they give you this awesome bag, with a t-shirt, tattoos, wristbands and an awesome headband! Then, it was time to get started with the race! So, we went to the starting line, and ran about half a mile, and then we pass this giant inflatable threshold, and before I know it, I'm being pelted in the chest with green powder! I didn't really understand the application of the powder before I signed up for The Color Run, so it was a pleasant surprise that I didn't have to navigate through a sea of colored, opaque powder. Let me just say, Derek is one of the best motivators I know, I really didn't think I could push myself as much as we did! Well, we crossed the blue, orange and pink thresholds before finishing the race! And that was only half of it! I actually didn't mind the running as much, I got a few cramps, because I don't run often, but it was very doable! 

So, after we crossed the finish line, they
handed us a packet of color, and I didn't quite understand why, I thought we were supposed to just throw it on ourselves, but that definitely wasn't the case! So, on all The Color Run pictures, you see this gigantic cloud of smoky colorful mess, well, that's what happens at the end of the race! You get to have a dance party, and they have color throws every so often! There are people on stage, dancing and throwing out powder, as well as a DJ playing remixes of motivating pop songs, and then you have me, the biggest kid ever, out there dancing my HEART out! The DJ said something very inspirational, he said to take everything that's a No or a Negative in your life, and put it in this color, and when I countdown, release it all into the air! That really spoke to me, I have some things going on right now, that aren't necessary the most progressive or productive things, and today, it was great to put those things in a color, and let them go!

You know I always have to have a tip! My tip for today is, "Make Your Life, Colorful!" Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would be running a 5K! Me stepping out of my comfort zone, and really pushing myself to try new things, that's what being colorful is all about, that's what life is all about! Cherish and the things that make you happy, but seek the things that make you whole! 

I would personally like to thank Kristi and EVERYONE who played a part in Westobou! I think I definitely completed and fulfilled my promise, and I'm so excited for next year's festival!

Stay tuned for a post from my best friend...
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