The Intern Files: James Farmer Week

I'm one week behind on my posts for The Intern Files! Last week was declared James Farmer Week, because we had two fantastic days with him. Correspondence with the James Farmer team started on my first day at VeryVera. I was getting emails concerning this guy, and from reading his book, he is pretty amazing.

James is from Perry, Georgia, and graduated from Auburn with a degree in Interior Design. James has launched a huge brand that caters to everything from home design, planting, retail and even cooking. So, last week, we were delighted to make his acquaintance at VeryVera! James is the author of 6 Cookbooks, and we featured his latest one, Dinner on the Grounds, on the VeryVera show! All of the recipes we used were from that book. The night before, we had an amazing book signing at 3 Monkeys in Aiken! 3 Monkeys is a HUGE sponsor of The VeryVera Show, so it was amazing to have such a great event at their store! James signed copies of all his books, and we sold out of every single book and had to place orders! It was a great event. Let me just give you the rundown of the amazing food we had, all cooked by my lovely Vera!

  • Mini Pimento Cheese Sandwiches from James's Recipe
  • Pigs in a Blanket (Made by Me!) with James's Mimi's Mustard Sauce
  • James's Peach Pound Cake
  • Roasted Herb Chicken on Buttered Rolls
  • Cashier's Market Pasta
Getting hungry? Me too! All the food that we had was absolutely delicious! We had a good ole' time, y'all!

The next day, James came prepared and ready to film. You could obviously tell that he had some television experience! I'm going to let y'all tune into the Show to find out what we cooked, but it was a grand time, and one of my favorite studio days so far! Also, it was Navy Gingham Day, seeing as James, Stacey (James's PR Assistant) and I were all wearing navy gingham with dark denim! James definitely got a thumbs up in the style department that day! Gingham is one of my favorite patterns!

I always have questions whenever we have guests, but James, I had a few more than usual. James Farmer has created this empire, and he is really someone I look up to. He helped me, whether he knows it or not, to except nothing but the best from myself and others around me, He also said something that really stuck out to me, When I asked, "How did you start all of the branding? And created this brand?" He told me, that he always remained true to his brand and beliefs. Along with that, never stop perfecting your craft, because the brand comes from the positive results of the craft.
When I think about the most influential brands of our era, Apple, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, I think of the start of all of those brands, and how they have developed over the decades, and yet still found a way to remain true to who they really are, and their core values. That, is my goal, is to be able to successful, but never forgetting my roots, and core values.

James has a blog too, and it's a really good read! Check him out at! Follow him on Instagram @jamestfarmer.

I hope you all have been doing well, please feel free to comment on anything you'd like to see on the blog!

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