Week 6: A Topsy-Turvy Week, with Growth!

After a review on my last blog post, it got me thinking... haven't I grown from this internship? The answer is undeniably yes. I am truly my hardest critic, and when I start looking for negative things to improve on, I don't take the time to look at all the positive things that I have worked on. So, that's what I'm going to focus on this week.

Let's start off by saying that is week was CRAZY! Between a cancelled guest, a day at Vera's and two sweet babies, It's been quite the week. Last week, Vera made the executive decision not to film a show this week! So, Monday was a completely different day for me, because of the fact that I had to redo a lot of my outline for the week. Wednesday, we spent the day working at Vera's House! It was my first time ever getting the chance to see, and the entire house read Vera! Beyond good food, she has such a keen eye for decor, and it's obvious in her house! Ms. Vera sat me down as she always does, and read to me a review that was given by a good friend of ours, and she pretty much said I was being too hard on myself. When I first started this internship, I had no idea what to expect. Now that I'm 6 weeks in, I feel like I have a clear view of what needs to be done, and that makes me proud.

Friday, I had a meeting with Vera and Melissa, both of my bosses. Melissa is my boss from The CAP Center, I don't think I've blogged about her, well, she's pretty much the most supportive person ever, and she, like Vera, pushes me, and always has challenges for me to meet. It's because of Melissa that I got the internship with Vera! These two successful women have been so influential in my life, and we had a meeting to check up on me. I have been very fortunate to have people in my life who genuinely care for me, and want me to be successful. Vera, Melissa and I had a meeting, pretty much saying that I need to make school and getting my degree my first priority, and I couldn't agree more. I have another post idea, where I am going to try and use my knack for giving advice tips, to give myself some tips to make the best grades ever.

But for now, let's get back to growth. Last year, when I was first hired as an Orientation Leader, we took a personality indicator, and were assigned a color based on our scores. Last year, I was an orange, which means I was very loud, outspoken and kind of loose. This year, at a retreat,  I scored a green, which means I am focused, sharp and organized, and I couldn't be happier with my new result. If you would've told me in high school that I would've been the organized type, I would've laughed at you. I have always been the creative, energetic guy, but I was always too scatterbrained to hone in on my organizational skills, and I'm so grateful to college for almost forcing me to find that organizational Rickey! Without him, I wouldn't be able to do this internship, or even work at the CAP Center!

I definitely think I've grown in my assertiveness. A lot of my past trials have been because I struggle with being assertive and standing up for myself. However, that's not really a problem for me anymore. If someone says something I don't agree with, I don't just sit idle, I voice my concerns and give sustainable evidence to back it up! Dealing with other people in a professional arena definitely requires a fine-tuned amount of assertiveness, and it makes me feel good that I'm learning how to be a better professional.

I will say that I have grown tremendously so far through this internship, I have learned so much about myself, and how I work and operate. That's one of the best perks for me of having this internship, is that I get professional experience while in college, and get to learn a plethora of things that will help me grow as a professional. This week is going to be what separates the men from the boys, Vera and  I will be traveling to Aiken, SC to have a book signing with the one and only, James Farmer, he is also Vera's special guest on set Wednesday, so I am so excited to get to meet and work with him!

Stay Tuned,
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