My Lesson for Today

Today, I learned a very important lesson. Over the course of my 19 years, I have been faced with numerous opportunities to display my talents. My hardest trial, however, is having to say no to those things and stay focused to what is really important. I have almost because the king of stretching myself too thin, and watching my schoolwork and other things suffer because of it. I have had a tough time trying to figure out why it is that I agree to be apart of so many things? I understand that I am one person, who doesn't like to say no, and has a hard time saying it. But where does the rubber meet the road?

My Advisor, Ms. Karen Mobley, gave me a ride home from school tonight. We were riding in the car together, and she told me, "You have to think of yourself as a celebrity. Celebrities don't say yes to everything they get asked to do." Automatically, my ears tuned up. She was talking about celebrities, which I hope to be one day, so if she had some insight on how to become one, of course I was going to listen. She continued to say, "You have to make your brand valuable. The less you stretch your brand, the more impact you can have. Everyone wants a piece of you now, but when they see that your brand is not as accessible as they thought, you'll be even more impactful." Never had I ever heard someone tell me that like she did. Ms. Karen knows me well enough to fine tune a message that's been repeated to me numerous times and change it so that it enters through my ear canal.

I will admit, I have sought popularity through involvement, and unfortunately it has caused me not to perform at my best. I am making a commitment, to not be so involved extracurricularly that it affects my school work. This semester has been tough, not only dealing with internship, but just trying to make it can be a struggle, luckily I have people like my parents and Ms. Karen who always have my best interests at heart. Next semester, I'm going in with an attitude of that which an actual student has. I see now that GPA is really important, because it's affecting the things that I need to be getting involved with, like being an R.A. or applying for scholarships.

Ms. Karen, if you're reading this... thank you for the "sermon" on the ride home. You have no idea in that 5 minute car ride how you opened up my eyes to how I should really be living my life as a college student.

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