10 Things To Do While 20

Last week, I celebrated my 20th Birthday. I really didn’t have much anticipation for anything, however, when Madison told me she was coming down from Atlanta to spend some time with me and my family, I instantly become more excited about my day. Another funny thing, I started my new job today. I’ll be doing Marketing and PR for the Division of Patient Family-Centered Care in the Georgia Regents Medical Center. I was super stoked to start my first day, because I know that I will be able to enhance and find new skills in the PR and Marketing Field. However, this article is not about jobs or birthday dinners, well… not technically. This post is about what I want to do/achieve while I am 20. 20 is an understated year, and everyone in the United States knows why… because the legal drinking age is 21. I want to make the most of everyday, you know, Carpe Diem, and I feel that my 20th year is going to be a year of growth and development, just like every year, however, I’m making it my goal this year.

While I’m 20, I want to:

1.     …find more creative outlets: In this life, it’s easy to find things that we enjoy doing, however, it’s amazing how much time we spend not doing the things that we love. I love the quote that says, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”, and I honestly feel like I haven’t been working, because I love what I do. However, I feel that for my spiritual and mental health, finding something that I love that doesn’t require clocking in everyday is nothing but beneficial.  For example, I want to read more books, explore different cultures and even take a few painting classes. These things for me would be therapeutic as well fun for me, so that I’m not always taking life so seriously.

2.     …cultivate my style: I must admit, for a 20 year old (still not used to saying that) college student, I have a pretty elaborate closet. However, I find myself always buying the same thing. I can’t count how much money I’ve spent on white oxford shirts and bold cashmere sweaters… I feel like it’s time to shy away from that, not completely, just finding something else that looks good on me, and focusing my wardrobe on that. However, I will say that Banana Republic, has been extremely good to me these past few weeks; every time I go in, I leave with a bag. That’s a shopaholic’s favorite thing.

3.     …find my first apartment: This is my second year in college, and my second year living in on-campus housing. While I love it, I feel like it’s time to go off like a bird from the nest. I’m almost in my third year of college, and I know it’s time. I have a few options, however, and I’m torn. Madison and her sister Margaux are moving to and back to Augusta for college. Madison started her college experience at GRU with me, Margaux will be starting her Freshman Year in the Fall 2015 Semester. They want to get a 3-Bedroom Apartment, and I’m totally down. Jessie, my roll dog is in the market for an apartment as well, and we would room SO well together, so those are some different options for living. I know I can afford an apartment, so I feel that I should seize the opportunity while in college, to better prepare me for when college housing is not available as a living option.

4.     …gain a greater following: I feel like part of this is my fault, but some of it is definitely inevitable. I feel like I work tremendously hard to brand my name and my image, however, I want more people to see what I’m doing and take notice. I have friends who are local who have thousands of readers and followers on their accounts. Granted, I have a good amount of followers, but I want to reach more people so that I can be heard by more voices. However, not too many people want to read a 20 year old black guy’s blog, even if his stuff is relevant, passionate and hilarious. I want to defy that stereotype that men can’t be successful bloggers, because  I know I can do it.

5.     …construct a fashion collection: I’ve been saying it since I started sewing, but I’m serious this time. I WANT TO SEE MY GARMENTS ON A RUNWAY! Whether that runway is at New York Fashion Week, or in my Grandmother’s Living Room, I will have a collection while I’m 20 years old. I feel like the contents of my plate are finally starting to be fully digested, and I will have more time to sketch, construct and present a collection.

6.     …travel to NYC: Despite my worldly personality, I’ve never really been out of the south east. I just recently took a trip to Kentucky with my group of orientation leaders for a Conference, but that’s the farthest I’ve ever travelled.  I feel like for the young, jet-set, fashionisto like myself, NYC is mandatory. So within this next year, I will definitely make my debut appearance.

7.     …live healthier: As a college student, you are faced with a difficult conundrum. To be healthy… Or not to be healthy. To be completely honest, being healthy as a college student has been very difficult for me. Between school, work, extracurricular activities and my budding social career, I have been very busy. This year, I want to take small steps into becoming a healthier Rickey, especially physically. I know exactly what to do, I just need to be consistent in my everyday carrying out.

8.     …be a better friend: I’m not going to lie, I have some pretty amazing friends. I know almost too many people, but my inner circle is actually very small. The people in my inner circle, I feel, are always pouring themselves into me, and this year, I want to work to do the same for them. I talk to my best friend Madison almost everyday and she’s my rock, and I want to know that at the end of the day, I’m hers too.

9.     …read more, for pleasure: Dealing with school, it’s hard for me to actually find books that I enjoy, and also find time that I can actually read them. This year, I want to use more of my downtime and read, as opposed to doing other things that really don’t help me develop and stay sharp. Let’s make a realistic goal, shall we? Say one book a month? That’s sounds reasonable.

10. …blog more: I need to be more consistent when it comes to blogging. I feel like to stay current as a blogger, consistency is key. Point blank period.

Every year, every day is an opportunity to grow as an individual and a professional. In this 20th year, I want to better myself, so that I can help better the others around me and traject myself further into my future!
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