Nick and Adrienne: Prom 2015

I remember Prom like it was yesterday,  well, two years ago to be exact, Prom was an amazing time of fellowship, gorgeous girls and stories that we'll take to the grave. It's great when you get to share in your family's prom experiences too. My cousin Kim asked me to photograph her son, my cousin Nick, and his date Adrienne for Nick's Junior Prom at Thomson High. I was ecstatic, because it gave me the opportunity to spend time with my family I don't see all the time, as well as do one of my favorite things, photograph! This time, I got to take the pictures, and not give Jessie Edge*  the camera and let her do all the magic. Today was me, Nick and Adrienne! We had a great time shooting at the Historic Home of Thomas Watson in Thomson, Georgia. The perfectly manicured lawn and gorgeously detailed old southern home were the most charming guests as we made it our photographic territory. Here are some of the pictures from the glorious shoot:

Here's to Nick and Adrienne hoping they had a fabulous Prom, I can't wait to shoot my cousin Nick again next weekend for his girlfriend's Prom at Warren County High School!

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