Augusta Fashion Week

Tonight was a momentous occasion! Tonight was the Designer Showcase for the First Annual Augusta Fashion Week. I, of course had to attend and support the fellow designers of my city! Before I attended, I did a quick photo shoot with my friend Zhenya Townley, he is a great photographer, and my new go-to when it comes to edgy photography.

One of the best feelings as a designer is being able to wear your work! Tonight, I sported a custom made tunic, designed by myself! The compliments and praise that I got on it tonight really warmed my heart! It was good to see people appreciating fashion, especially mine.

Blazer: H&M
Tunic: Rickey Jones
Pants: Asos
Boots: David Stone
Fedora: 21 Men

My favorite designer of the night was Jasmyne Summers of Page XVII by Jasmyne S. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and she is AMAZING. The detailing and craftsmanship of her clothing was so immaculate! It was great to get to meet her, and experience her designs! The final walk from her collection is below!

All of the designers were amazing, I had an amazing time at Augusta Fashion Week, and can't wait to present my collection next year!

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