Practice What I Preach, Part 1: Burning A Hole...

For a long time now, I've heard the expression "The money was burning a hole in my pocket/wallet". The money they are referring to is called discretionary or disposable income. I've never used this phrase because I don't like for my money just to sit and not do anything. I want it to enhance the economy. I'm going to tell you some things you can do with your money so it's not burning a hole in your wallet:

1. Don't Spend it Willy-Nilly: With an unclear head about your money, you can end up spending it on things you don't want, and probably don't need. Just recently, I went to a store in my hometown mall, and I saw some kitchen items that were on sale, and the money I used to buy them was 'burning a hole' in my wallet.

So I spent 25 Dollars on 4 Plates and 2 Mugs. Later, I realized,
I didn't need the items, and I returned them for my money. I had an unclear head, and payed a pretty penny for it.

2. Save it: Saving your money is one of best things teens can do! It's much easier to save money as a teen, because most of the time, you have little or no obligations with your money! Saving money also helps with being goal-oriented and focused on a plan.

When I was 16, I wanted to buy an iPhone 4S. And I saved my money for two months, and bought it for $212. Saving my money to buy my iPhone gave me a sense of pride, because it was something that I worked for! And I reached my goal.

3. Donate It: In this world of need, there is always somewhere to give your money. Like, your local charities, your church and even your friends and family.

I believe in God, and what he can do for people. God loves a cheerful giver, and if he sees one with a good heart, and with intentions to help others, he will bless them!

Donating your money is also a great confidence and conscience booster, knowing that your money is going a great cause or to help someone else, does your heart good!

There are plenty of things you can do with your disposable income. With a smarter way of thinking, and having a purpose for it, your disposable income can be some of the best money!

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