GQ's 20 Most Stylish Men Alive List

I get really inspired by well-dressed men. It reminds me that men do care about fashion, and that I'm not in this thing by myself. Yesterday, GQ released their list of the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive. This list comprised of musicians, actors and athletes alike. Though their vast careers, they all have one thing in common... they have STYLE! I'm going to go through the list and tell you my favorites and why!

From Left to Right, by Row:

Kanye West, Jeff Goldblum, Pharrell, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, Lebron James, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Jay Z,  Jaden Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Mayer, Russell Westbrook, David Beckham, Mark Ronson, Mario Balotelli and Eddie Redmayne

Kanye West

Of course Kanye West is the first name on the list, he's KANYE! I am such a fan of Kanye, despite what people think about him. Kanye is a creative genius. From music, fashion, art, Kanye is a huge inspiration for me when it comes to style and life. Kanye's style combines texture with minimalism to create an amazing comprehensive style.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is the bada$$ boyfriend of Hollywood. With his flowing hair and signature middle part, Jared has created a name for just being cool. I love his style, because it perfectly combines the hippie tendencies we all have, with the sophisticated moto guy in all of us. 

A$AP Rocky

When I think of A$AP Rocky, I think of those guys in high school who were really into fashion, but didn't want to admit it because of what others would say. Then they graduate and become iconic. While our styles are two completely different, I have MAJOR respect for A$AP Rocky, because of the fact that he's become an icon. Not just with music, but with fashion as well!

Mark Ronson

Lastly, we have Mark Ronson. This Uptown Funk creator is an amazing beacon of style. The way he wears printed suits and always makes a statement is something to be recognized. I love Mark's signature platinum blonde hair, it looks so good and is a true symbol of individuality and style.

One day, I know I'll make the Top 20 List, I know it. I have a fire lit under me now to make it into the fashion industry. I've never wanted anything more than to work in fashion, and succeed. Of course, I'll continue to keep you posted on my current situation. Thanks for reading!

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