Origins of Style

Style, is defined by Merrian-Webster as “a distinctive manner of expression”. Need I say more? We all have different styles, and ways of how we do things. Whether it be fashion, writing, music, food and even hobbies, we are defined as people by our ‘one in a million’ styles. I have so much fun on my daily strolls through the halls and classrooms of Georgia Regents University, because we have such a diverse group of students! From punk rockers who obsess over black trench coats, no matter the temperature, to the stereotypical sorority girl who’s usually wearing her letters in a shirt that’s two times too large for her skinny body, or the eccentric African-Americans who pride their dashikis, circular sunglasses and nose-rings, Georgia Regents, although it’s not NYU or UGA, is still a very diverse place. I LOVE IT! If you don’t know me personally, I am a very sociable guy, so I’m usually not afraid to talk to new people, especially ones who are different than myself. 

In fashion, I define myself as the modern prep. With my button-ups, fitted pants and boots, I pride myself in my overly developed since of what I call “prep culture”. However, in all of my preppy glory, I still understand the importance of recognizing street style, and haute couture. Cashmere and Merino wool reign supreme in my closet, and I love to show off my patriotic garb, seeing as though my favorite color combination is a cherry red, poster board white and navy blue! I love and know designer, however I know what looks great on me, and prep is it! Louis Vuitton, so many things I could say, is my favorite! The classic monogram print that syndicates the initials of one of the most innovative designers of all time, just exhilarates me. Ok, enough about that, let’s talk about you!

My first semester of college, we read from Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, a 700+ page book filled with Tocqueville’s philosophy of America! In the book, Tocqueville says that it’s our obligation as people, more specifically as adults, to form an opinion and let go of our nonage! You are a single, solitary person in this gigantic place we call Earth. Why would you want to be like anyone else, except for yourself! Here are some tips on how to create and develop your fashion style:

Find Things You Love- There are so many avenues of things that you can find! There is no excuse for you not finding something that you really like! Whether it be Peplum Skirts, Military Jackets or there are an infinite number of styles, that you can choose from! I have found that I really like piercings, I probably will not be getting any, but they really interest me! Finding things you love, shows your individuality, because it forces you to find things you like. When you like something, hopefully you won’t change just because of someone’s opinion.

Embrace Other Styles- By you embracing the styles of your peers and classmates, you open up your mind to a whole different area of the fashion ocean, that you probably haven’t even began to inhabit. Although my personal style is Modern Prep, I look to people like my fashionable cousin Xavier, when dressing up, because I know that dressing up in suit and tie is his specialty! Or when I want to learn more about punk fashion, I look towards some of my friends who have accepted that as their personal style!

Create a Signature Look- As you probably well know, my signature look is a button-up shirt, with a layered sweater, complimented by my slim fit pants and boots or loafers! Creating a signature look helps people recognize you! It also helps you with your self-confidence, because it reminds you that NO ONE can wear your signature like you can! I have had my signature look now for a while, and I know that no one can wear that outfit like I can! It’s’ funny, when you set a signature, it’s actually easier for you to go shopping, you have a good idea of what you want, you go in, get what you want, and leave!

Assess Your Current Closet- Many people feel that when setting a new style, they have to go out and  buy all new clothes, I highly beg to differ! Before starting your new style, make sure to do a cumulative look at your closet, and what you have and don’t have, some of your pieces could be altered to where they fit in perfectly with your new style! I fell victim of doing this with my style, then I took a deep look at the contents of my closet, and I found that I could actually use a lot of my clothes for my new style!

Like I said before, we are all individuals, so whatever you like, embrace it! I hope these tips will help you develop and create a style that’s all your own! Thanks for reading!

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