Ladies and Gentleman... Paul

The other day, I had a crazy idea. Why not add someone to The Mod Prep Family? So, I put out a facebook status saying how I need more bloggers to help grow my audience, and I got a personal text message from my friend Paul Wiegers! We talked for about 30 seconds before I knew that Paul would be PERFECT for TMP. So, to introduce you to Paul, let's do a little Q&A! And here we go:

-What's the 411?
  Well, I just graduated high school and will be attending college this fall. I'm super excited for this new chapter in my life. It is also nice because I took college classes this past year during my senior year and absolutely loved them. I'm also really involved with community theatre.I feel bad for anyone who tries to make plans with me at night when I'm in a show because I'm always at rehearsals.

-Who do you wear? How would you describe your personal style?
  Confession time, like all of my shorts and pants actually come from      American Eagle. As far as t-shirts and tanks it really depends. I'm a super thrifty shopper so wherever I can find the best deal. I always tell people it's not about where you buy the clothes it's all about how you wear them. Lately, I've been having a real love affair with Target. Their stuff is durable and not too crazy price wise. My personal style is pretty different from what you usually see in Augusta, Georgia. This is going to sound so cliche so please excuse me, but I love taking risk and pushing the envelope. I try to wear things that I do not thinks others will wear, which i'll be honest hasn't always worked in my favor. Sometimes I get a little out of control and end up looking like a train wreck but I pull it off, hopefully. 

-What are your favorite activities? What are your routines?
  I love to do so many things honestly. Eating is by far one of my favorite things to do. Pasta and bread are my weakness. I know they are so bad for you but I just love them so much. I also love learning about the world and all of the different cultures that reside in it. I'm also really obsessed with naps and Netflix. As far as routines go I don't really have any, unless you count doing laundry at 1 am religiously at least once a week, because I postpone doing it until I like absolutely need a certain outfit cleaned. 

-What's a day in the life like for Paul? 
  I am really not that exciting of a person, sadly. I usually wake up and grab a shower because I cannot function without one. After a shower I usually sit in my bed for a couple minutes and just collect myself for the day. It is kind of like mentally preparing yourself for battle. Then, i'll get dressed which is usually a battle in itself. I cannot even count the number of timesaver been late to something because I've ended up changing a gazillion times. Okay, really it is only usually five times, but still. After that fiasco, I usually head to school and learn as much as I can, because I'm a nerd and I love learning. I'm also proud to be a nerd, because nerds are cool. After I soak up as much knowledge as I can I go home grab something to eat and take a nap because I'm tired and who doesn't love a good nap? 

-How do you plan to grow from writing for The Mod Prep?
  Sharing my style with others and showing people that busting out of the fashion mold can be a good thing. And if it is a bad thing every now and again that's okay too. Also tot show people that their fashion is their fashion and no one can take that away from them.

Welcome Aboard, Paul!
You can find Paul on Instagram @p_wiegs and email him at

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