Practice What I Preach, Part 3: How to enjoy your money!

For a long time now, I have been on this quest to be a rich teenager, so much so that I let opportunities for fun slip past me, and left me wishing that I would have participated. One thing I have had to learn is, how to enjoy my money. Now that I have learned, I'm going to share some ways teens can enjoy their money, and still have some left.

1. Take a Day Trip: With College Fast Approaching, I will not be able to so easily go out with friends. That's what Summer is for! So, if I have an opportunity to go out of town for a day, I'm going to take it! Tomorrow, my best friend Jason and I are going to Athens, GA, "Bulldawg Country" for a little getaway! I can't wait! Some of my favorite stores are in Athens!

Ok, there are some things you have to do to go on a day trip:

1. Plan Ahead- I can not stress this enough, sticking to a plan is a great way to ensure a good time. I have to have some sort of itinerary or plan so I can prepare myself for all the fun I will have! 

2. Set a Budget- Allotting yourself a certain amount of money puts you in a different aspect, to ensure you get the most for your money! Don't set your budget too high, so you won't feel obligated to spend all of your money! Don't set your budget too low, so that you won't have to sacrifice your fun!

3. Bring 1 Friend- Bringing one friend on a trip is a great decision! My mom says having a group of 3 means that one person will be left out! I can attest to this, because I have been in this same predicament! Bringing one friend means that y'all are going to have each other the whole way through!

2. Buy a new item: I have favorite brands. One of them is Banana Republic! This Summer, I've been buying one to two items from Banana Republic per month so that I can keep my closet current, and I get to wear some of my favorite brands! However, don't break the bank trying to stay current! The clearance rack is one of the best parts of a store, because little hidden gems will always be there!

3. Go on a date: Dates can be really fun! Even if you and your date don't plan on getting into a committed relationship, being spontaneous, and having fun with someone you enjoy is always fun!

Enjoying your money is important, because if you don't enjoy your money you won't be able to enjoy the best years of your life!

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