Getting Back in the Game with Krass & Co.

If you didn't know, I LOVE TENNIS! It's my favorite sport, and always has been. I am SO obsessed with Krass & Co. Marian and the team are AMAZING, and I was so excited when they wanted to sponsor this blog post. It's funny,  I never really thought of myself as being athletic as a child, however, tennis helps me combine my true love of the sport with a little confidence gain. As I get better in tennis, my confidence gets higher. One thing that also helps in my quest for fitness, is being able to be cute and comfortable in the clothes I work out in. Krass & Co. has definitely helped me to achieve that. With their innovative styles and designs, Krass & Co. makes me rethink workout clothes.

Here, I am photographed in the Pink Hound Shorts. Read below some of the reasons why I love Krass & Co. Shorts!

1. Color: Krass & Co. delivers a very diverse color scheme in their shorts! No matter what your personal tastes are, you can definitely find something that you will love.

2. Length: I like for my shorts to be short! I prefer to have my shorts rest above or at my knee, and my Krass & Co. shorts definitely give me that. I feel more comfortable and secure than I ever have when wearing Krass & Co. shorts.

3. Embellishments: I love how some pairs have embroidery on them. It adds a special touch that many shorts miss. It brings in a unique story to each and every pair, and I love that!

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Thanks again to Krass & Co. for sponsoring this blog post. It is so much fun to wear these amazing shorts, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have!

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