TMP x Gingham + Grigio: My Interview with Robby Weber!

It's not too often I find other males who enjoy blogging, and fashion and all things cute like I do. However, when I get the opportunity to meet someone who does enjoy these things, I sieze it. When I first came across Gingham + Grigio, and was instantly captivated by the catchy title. When I think of two things that I love, it's gingham check and pinot grigio, which I don't get to enjoy that often... I immediately added G&G to my blog list, because Robby has an amazing fashion sense, and his creativity is truly inspiring. In the true spirit of The Mod Prep, I wanted to do a short interview with Robby, to feed off of his creativity, since he has been such an inspiration to me, as a male blogger. So, here we go:

-What’s the 411? (What’s your current situation i.e school, work)
I’m currently working at Anthropologie and going to university for public relations! 

-What was your motivation to start blogging?
For me, blogging is such a personal and necessary part of my life. Even when I’m just putting a quick post up that has some of my favorite items from a few designers, it’s a chance to be creative and expressive and to share that with people. I wanted to have a space on the internet that wasmy space. It started off as La Priv√©, then it became Prim and Preppy, then A Life Ambitious, and finally I realized Gingham & Grigio— which is basically the most me blog name ever. I kind of think of G&G as my little portfolio in a way, too. It’s like “oh, you want to know some things about me? Check out my blog!” I put it on applications and resumes always.

-How has blogging helped you develop your personal style?
Blogging has helped me in the sense that I get to really explore different sides of my style and I get to see other people’s ideas. Working in tandem with other bloggers for Q+As or just reading their feeds, I love seeing how someone styles their favorite pieces. As far as developing my personal style, I have found that I’m more open to my style evolving and being more dynamic. I’ve always had a very classic style but I like to try and add some fun pieces now and then, something I attribute to blogging.

-Who do you wear? How would you describe your personal style?
I wear a LOT of Topman, J. Crew, and Urban Outfitters! H&M is nice for basics. I also love Forever 21 as a good place to get inexpensive tops or bottoms with funky prints. As a really simple rule, I get all of my shorts from J. Crew, all of my jeans from Topman, and almost all of my tops from Urban Outfitters. I typically wear shoes from ASOS or Urban, as well. My uniform is basically a solid J. Crew chino short and a fun top and then loafers and my favorite brown leather & gold watch. My style is essentially neutral, a lot of maroon/navy/olive/khaki going on. I wear almost all floral and a lot of plaid, too. I feel like my style is basically 50% a J. Crew sort of look and 50% that Urban Outfitters, modern and up-to-date feel.

-What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do since you started blogging?

That’s going to have to be an interview that is going to be published soon on my blog. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I would definitely keep an eye out because it’s kind of major!

Special thanks to Robby for doing this interview, and being such a great blogger! I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors, and I can't wait to see where you take Gingham and Grigio in the future!

You can find the link to Gingham & Grigio here

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