The New Normal!

The biggest struggle of my life has definitely been my health. Not my weight, not my eating habits, but my overall health. Recently, my father had a minor stroke, and ended up in the hospital. It was very difficult for me to see my dad in the hospital bed. Not only has he had a stroke, but his other visible health problems have stubbed him from a lot of things. My dad's health is an interesting thing to think about, because we are so much alike. Same personality, same body type, pretty much everything. I have had time to reflect, and realize that while I love my father, I do not want my health to takeover in a negative way in my life. My life is pretty great, however, I know that working and focusing on my physical health is what I really need to do. Being healthy, holistically has become "My New Normal". I have definitely seen ways that I can easily become and live life more healthily. I would love to share these with you!

1. Eating: Growing up in the South, I was raised in a home where my mother cooked everyday, and I enjoyed everyday. While the options were mostly healthy, my portions were definitely not in control. I had the appetite of a grown man at 11 years old. I have started meeting with a personal trainer, and he has given me strict guidelines on what I should and should not eat. Here it goes:

No Bread: Including Whole Wheat
No "White": Potatoes, Sugar, Flour... NO! NO! NO!
No Fried: No French Fries, No French Fries, No French Fries
No Red Meat: Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Steakburgers... BYE
No Pork: Oink...Oink

I've definitely been adjusting, and honestly it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I honestly didn't eat that much red meat and pork, so taking it out of my lifestyle is honestly not that difficult. The bread and fried were a challenge at first, but then I remembered that my Diabetes is better managed when I don't eat those things.

Oh yeah, I bet you didn't know about that. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 17 years old, the exact date was  July 3, 2012. It was a huge struggle for me to stay consistent with taking my insulin and maintaining a healthy blood sugar. But then I realized that diabetes isn't the end of my life, and that I can use diabetes to remind myself to live a better lifestyle. I have recently had extremely good blood sugars, and my diet has definitely helped with that.

2. Exercising: Remember how I said I've been meeting with a personal trainer? Well, he's the real deal. His name is Jackson, that's his last name, his first name is confidential. He is intense, and exactly what I need to help me reach my health goals. For a while now, my mother has preached to me to exercise and live healthier, and I always told her that I needed help. Well, Jackson has definitely been a help for me. His workouts usually have me in tears or extreme laughter because I can't believe that I'm actually doing these exercises, however, at the end of the workout, I have so much more energy, and I can go about my day, I may be sore, but still, I feel better.

3. Enjoying: When I was younger, my mom signed me up for tennis lessons. I was so in love with tennis, despite my playing level. Recently, I have fallen back in love with the game! From watching Serena and Djokovic TEAR IT UP at Wimbledon, to getting back on the courts with my cousin Xavier and running drills, tennis is truly one of my favorite sports. I enjoy tennis, and I don't even realize that I'm working out when I'm playing. I also feel that way about dancing, more specifically Zumba. Any excuse to attend a Zumba class, I'm all over it! Dance is such a great workout, especially when it's high impact and fun, like Zumba!

This hasn't been easy, however I have something that I remember daily that helps me get through. It's Phillipians 4:13. We grew up saying this verse, however, I didn't really accept it until I was walking on a treadmill at a 15 incline! I really do believe that God gives me strength to do everything I set my mind to! It's all up to whether I have the strength to walk in it. Continue to follow me as I update you on my progress!

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