The Mod Prep does Charlotte...

Hello and howdy, my friends. I cannot express how over the moon I am today. My family and I have just gotten back from our 3 day vacay to Charlotte, North Carolina. The last time I came to Charlotte was an insignificant day trip to handle business, however, this time we got to enjoy the city. When my mother approached me last week about taking a trip to Charlotte, I was so excited. I finally got my opportunity to leave and explore somewhere new. We left Tuesday afternoon, and I somehow volunteered myself to drive, however, it's only 2.5 hours, the same distance from Augusta to Atlanta, so I had no trouble getting us there safely.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites, which is about 10 minutes from Downtown Charlotte. It was the one of the most fabulous hotels I have had the pleasure of staying in. There was a Cook-to-Order complimentary breakfast, the employees were some of the most hospitable people ever, and the ambiance of this hotel was one for the record books. I felt like I was in a resort in a foreign country. 

Yesterday, it was ALL about Carowinds. It wasn't my first time at Carowinds, however, my family had never been. The last time we all went to an amusement park together was Disney World in 2008, and no, you can't see a picture. I love roller coasters, so being at Carowinds was completely my scene. I got my younger brother Timothy to ride two roller coasters with me, his first ever. I must say, it was quite hilarious watching him squirm and scream during the rides. I count about 5 roller coasters that I was able to fit into part one of our day. We had a light lunch, and then headed back to the park to have some fun at Boomerang Bay, Carowinds’s on-site water park. It was so great getting to ride the water slides with my mom and siblings. We had competitive races going on during the slides. We all switched around with partners, and I think out of all the rounds… I was the victorious champion.

One slide in particular was literally the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever rode. First off, the lifeguard said I couldn’t wear my glasses or shirt during it, so I knew this ride had to be serious. When Timothy and I got to the top of the line to race, we realized how high up the slide actually was. Since the slide was extremely narrow, we were able to pick up maximum speed pretty easily. The slide went so fast that water was shooting up into my nose, and it was extremely hard for me to keep my legs crossed. Although the slide was a bit of a trial, I still came out victorious in the race. Timothy said he didn’t care about winning, just making it out alive.

After Carowinds, we decided to go downtown and have dinner. We had some amazing food at Basil Thai Cuisine. My mom and I ordered the highly recommended Pad Thai, and we both saw why it is highly recommended. Pad Thai is the national cuisine of Thailand, so it was only fitting that we had the best. The authenticity of the food was amazing, all of the flavors worked together fabulously and I ate every drop of my meal. After dinner, we rode around downtown Charlotte and saw some amazing architecture before returning to the hotel.

Our final morning in the hotel was accompanied with breakfast, and some much needed relaxing in the hotel. It was great for all of us to be there as a family unit, together. I understand why it was imperative for us to have a vacation, because we got to get closer in a different environment. Inspiration was everywhere in Charlotte. From pillows in the stores, to the authentic cuisine and even the cool water at Carowinds, Charlotte is an amazing city, and I cannot wait to go back.

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