Cleansing in your Closet...

For a while,  I would tour my friend's on-campus apartments, and realize that while they had all the clothes in the world, they still weren't styling themselves to their full potential. As I began the process of moving all of my garments to a new home (with a huge walk-in closet) I started to realize that I definitely needed to do a closet cleanse. If you've never done a closet cleanse, you seriously need to reevaluate your life. Let me give some quick tips on how to get your closet clean and pristine.

1. Bye, Bye, BYE: If you holistically look at your closet, and see that you don't wear a piece, you can be honest with yourself and plan to give it away. I honestly had some nice shirts in my closet, but then I looked at them, and honestly couldn't remember the last time I wore them. They were stripped of their hangers, and immediately thrown in the donation bag. By getting rid of the items you don't wear, you instantly have more space in your closet, and can evaluate what you do wear.

2. Get Organized: I understand that everyone is not like me. I understand that some people are perfectly fine with their closets being a mess. However, I can't function if I can't go from left to right and pick out a shirt, trousers, sweater/jacket, and loafers. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT! Closet organization is necessary also for you to take inventory of what you have. Which leads me to my next point:

3. Take Inventory: After today's purge of clothing, I realized that I had a lot of pairs of pants, all in different colors. However, I saw that my supply of shirts was running a little dry. Now, when I go shopping, I can tailor my shopping experience to look for new shirts to go with my multitude of colored pants. See how that works? It's all about closet harmony, and working together cohesively. Cohension, that leads me into my next tip:

4. Find Cohesion: Many of the reason that my friends have cluttery closets is because they don't have a sense of cohension in their closet. You can have all the YSL, Balenciaga and Céline you want, but if you can't put it all together in a look, what good is it doing for you? If you are a fan of statement pieces, shop for supporting pieces once in a while, just to help supplement your closet. If you buy supporting pieces, then you'll always have something to wear with your statement piece, and always look hot!

This outfit was concepted with some of the remains from my closet cleanse, I think I look pretty good!

I hope you all find some peace in knowing that your closet is in tip top shape after checking out these tips.

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