Q&A with Leah Davis, Fashion + Beauty Intern at Family Circle Magazine!

If you remember my Officially A Foodie post from a few weeks ago, you'd remember me saying something about my friend Leah Davis, who has a food blog called Stellar Foodie. Leah is an amazing person, who has had some pretty amazing experiences in the fashion world as a college student. I talked to Leah about her experiences and her favorite things about fashion and NYC. Take a look:

-What's the 411? (What's your current situation i.e school, work, internships): 
So at the beginning of January, I picked up and moved to New York City to do something about my passion for fashion. I miraculously got the internship thousands of girls apply too, and couldn’t have been a better time for me. I was a fashion/accessories intern for both Seventeen and Cosmopolitan Magazine. After that I knew I had to stay in NYC for the summer because I couldn’t let go of the hustle! I started applying to summer internships and I am now a fashion and beauty intern for Family Circle Magazine! Throughout all this chaos I took some online classes and got credit for these internships so I wont be too far behind!

-How did you get attracted to fashion? What aspects of the industry do you want to have a career in?
Honestly, I wanted to grow up to be an Orthodontist and fashion was always on the backburner. It wasn’t until past fall was when I realized I shouldn’t put it to the side and pursue a career I’m passionate about. I’m still figuring that out what exactly my career path will be when I finish school, but it will most likely be in editorial. After I studied abroad in London I realized that I want to move after I graduate and start a career over there!

-How was it working for Seventeen AND Cosmopolitan? What did you do at them?
It was such an experience, and I learned so much and so grateful for my time there! I worked in both fashion and accessories, but I mainly dealt with the accessories. It was so cool to see everything that was called in for different cover shoots, and even have the opportunity to help out during these photo shoots. Although its not glitzy and glamorous as people think it is, I am so glad I got this opportunity of a lifetime.

-Tell me about StellarFoodie, how did that start? what's your favorite part about it?
It all started back in December. I realized I posted so many pictures of food on my personal Instagram so I decided to make my own account just for food and that’s how StellarFoodie started! I think my favorite part is when another food account reposts one of my photos or when an important food blogger follows me. It took off so fast, but I promised myself when I get back to Georgia I’m going to start posting more on my blog and become active in the blogging community.

-Who do you wear? How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my style as vintage chic. I love the vintage look, but I add my own style to it! Being abroad in London for six months definitely helped my style evolve. I would say my go to outfit is ankle cut relaxed jeans with a black V-neck and my favorite Sam Edelman brown sandals!

-How much do you love NYC? What's your favorite thing about the city?
I absolutely love NYC, and I’m so sad that I have to go back to Athens in August. I honestly feel like a New Yorker after braving the “coldest winter” and being here for 8 months. I think my favorite thing about NYC would be the plethora of foods at my doorstep, which also in my favor for StellarFoodie!

-What is your message to all of the college fashionistas looking to get into the industry?
Honestly, it’s about trying. You have to apply, apply, apply; it’s all about getting your name out there! My advice for anyone is to make your cover letter is really good and personable! My motto is if you don’t try then you will never know, and that’s exactly what happened to me. I applied to Cosmopolitan and Seventeen and miraculously got an interview and the rest was history!


Leah, thank you so much for doing this amazing interview. It's so great to find friends who love fashion, and aspire for the same things as you! I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors! Keep me posted on all that you do, so that when you're an editor at Vogue, I can check you down on my list of friends!

You can find Leah's blog, Stellar Foodie HERE.

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