My First Week at Georgia Southern...

I am writing this live from my living room in my beautiful apartment in Statesboro. Let's just say that this week has been just short of perfect. I moved into my apartment on last Saturday, and started classes this week at Georgia Southern University. I have had some pretty awesome experiences so far, and I would love to share those with you.

1. Living Off-Campus: For my first two years of college, I lived in on-campus housing. I have now decided to live off-campus, and as a 20 year old, I think I made a pretty great decision. Statesboro isn't all that big, so from my apartment, it's short driving distance to all the places around Statesboro. My apartment is also located just across the street from Georgia Southern. I have decided to walk to campus and it's been so great for me. It literally takes me 10 minutes to walk to campus, and with my Beats in, I honestly don't even think about it. My apartment style is beautiful, and I can't wait to showcase to you, later! Living Off-Campus was definitely a great decision on my and my mom's part.

2. My Major: If you read frequently, you'd know the purpose of my transfer was to complete a degree in Fashion Merchandising + Apparel Design. At the beginning of the Summer, I was very hesitant, because two of the introductory classes that I needed were full for the Fall Semester. However, I used some of those tips that I learned as a Freshman and with some quick emails, I was able to get into not one, but BOTH of the classes I needed for my degree. I already get along with my professor, and I can't wait to see how this semester goes. Professor Simpara asked us who had previous experience of knowing how to sew in my Apparel 1 Class, and I boldly raised my hand. Her next statement was, "Well I'm going to teach you the proper way to sew." I can't wait to see the comparison of my training with my grandmother, and then with my professor.

3. Seeking Style: I have been classified as a shopoholic however, Statesboro has definitely showed me that I won't be having that problem anymore. It's not that I have a problem with the stores that Statesboro has to offer, it's just they don't have stores that I've grown up going to... For instance, Target. My entire family loves other "superstores" and my favorite is Target, because I like to pay for quality, and Target delivers that. Last Saturday, I so naively put Target in my GPS, and the nearest one is in Savannah which is an hour away... SAD DAY! However, if I need a fix of my old life, there are Tanger Outlets 45 minutes away!

4. Friends: It's never been hard for me to make friends. I can always find someone who's like me or someone who's not, and then we just hit it off. What many people didn't realize is that I actually didn't come to this school not knowing anyone. My childhood best friend, Maya, moved down to GSU with me, and we didn't even know it until approximately June... It's amazing how some people you're just destined to be with forever. Maya and I graduated Kindergarten, High School and now we will graduate college together. I'm really happy that she's down here with me! It feels good to have a little rememberance of home.

Let's just sat that I didn't think that adjusting to a new city and school would be this difficult, however, I knew it was going to be this fun! Tomorrow, we start sewing in my Apparel 1 Class. I can't wait to learn more about and master my craft.

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