Styling into Fall with Alexander Pezo...

If you knew me in high school, you knew that bow ties were my thing. I can distinctly remember making my first bow tie, and selling them throughout my senior year of high school. So I was definitely happy to see an email from a company called Alexander Pezo. 

One of my students at orientation this past summer, Bria, asked me a very generic question. "What's your major?" I answered Communications with a Track in Public Relations. She asked, "What do you want to do with your degree?" I, of course answered, "I want to go into fashion! I actually have a blog!" The rest? History.

Bria's dad, P.J. Mays and his partners at Alexander Pezo have an amazing product to share! Check out the magic of these ties when I got to put my stylish spin on them!

I love these ties for three amazing reasons, here they are below:

1. The Prints: If you know anything about me, you know that I love prints, however most of the pieces in my closet are solids. These ties have definitely opened my eyes to adding prints into my accessories.

2.The Pocket Squares: I never really got into pocket squares because I didn't think they were necessary! However, the Alexander Pezo brand has definitely changed my opinion. I don't see myself going forward without wearing a pocket square in my jacket!

3. The Versatility: As you can see by the photos, I decided to go with a more dressy casual look for the ties. However, you can wear these ties with just about anything! Whether it's a white oxford shirt with a business suit, or a slim fit tailored suit, these ties are so versatile and go with anything.

Alexander Pezo's site will launch on November 1st! You can follow them on Instagram @alexander_pezo!

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