My Sixth First Day...

It still amazes me sometimes that I have been in school for three years. It amazes me even more that almost three years ago, I was sitting in a blue gown and walked across the stage to get my high school diploma. College has not been an easy road. Unlike high school, where I easily swept through to a Hope Scholarship eligible GPA, college has definitely shown me that I when it comes to my academics, I have some ground to make up. This semester, I am going into school with a fresh pair of eyes. It's funny because there are just certain subjects that I struggle in, and unfortunately they all don't have anything to do with Apparel Design. It's crazy that only 22% of the United States population has a Bachelor's Degree... Everyday I wake up and I think about the other options for my life. Like I could be working full-time in a retail job, or working at a call center or simply wasting my life away at home. However, I am too determined to have a successful future to do that. To propel my graduation, I have decided to take all Fashion Courses this semester, because I think that's what I need to catapult me into the mind frame of a student.
It's weird, because when it comes to the fashion program, I don't think I'm in school, I just think I'm working. Fashion is something that comes naturally to me, so regardless of it's a project or a written test, I have confidence in my abilities to succeed in fashion, so that's why I do well. I think I need to change my attitude when it comes to other subjects. For instance, Biology. I have taken Biology twice now and I haven't performed at an adequate level. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate science. I'm a math guy, that's my strong suit. We are required in college to take two science courses with labs. It has been the most unbearable thing to pass them for some odd reason. I took two math courses my freshman year and passed them with flying colors, however it's something about science that always trips me up. My mother was a Biology major at Augusta University and she currently teaches science, so how on earth did it become that her first born child is as good as science as Steve Harvey is with reading the correct winner at Ms. Universe? Something has got to change.

This semester, I'm working my HARDEST to make sure that I have the most productive semester I've ever had. I'm working to build my styling and design portfolios so that when I do graduate, I will have plenty to show to my future employers. I'm channeling my energy, time and thoughts to my future and I can't wait to show you guys what's in store. As for Biology, I think I have a solution to my problems, maybe I need to take them at another school where science isn't necessarily the hardest feat. Because I don't think it's the content that is stumbling me, it's just me buckling down and doing the darn thing. I can't wait to see what this semester has in store, stay tuned for more.

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