Being a Man of God vs. Being who God Made Me

It has taken me a long time to really accept my personality for what it truly is. I willingly admit that my personality is slightly over the top, a little dramatic, extremely sharp but still really genuine and loving. It has taken me even longer to realize that God made me this way for a special purpose. In a world where so many people have duplicates, I feel that I am in a class all of my own. I have people with like minds surrounding me, but at the end of the day, I'm the only me.

In this Christian walk, as a man, you are held to a standard of being a "Man of God". When I think of man of God, I think of the stereotypical strong man who provides for his wife and two kids. He goes to the gym, and plays football, and lives a pretty normal life. That's what's been fed to me growing up, that to be a Man of God, it means that you must fit in the cookie cutter of what a man is to humans.

In this Christian walk, we are also told that God creates each of us individually, and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I think you're starting to see the paradox, or at least I hope you are. I wonder sometimes where I fit in, in this mix. My opinion is that I am a Man of God because I'm allowing God to use me as a vessel to spread his Light. However, I wonder how I'm percieved in the world because nothing I do is what the "Man of God" is supposed to do.

How is it that I can be so faithful and truly understanding of God's Will for my life, and not be labeled a Man of God. Is it because I don't play football? Or because my language is foul? Or that I haven't found a woman to marry? I'm not really sure if that's the criteria that God would use to rate my faithfulness.

Granted, I definitely could crack open a Bible, or attend a church when I'm not in Augusta, or maybe repent more, but that shouldn't be something that the world deams as unholy or unrighteous, it should be something that I reflect on to get closer with God...

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