Summer Greetings!!

I will be the first to admit that summer is my least favorite season. Let's just say that me and heat really don't get along too well, unless I'm creating it, then it's ok! However, growing up in East Georgia, I am definitely used to hot summers. I am writing this post sitting with my feet propped up in my house with the fan going, because I seriously just can't take the heat.

However, heat is not an excuse to sacrifice fashion! Today, I decided to dress extra special for work (BTW, I got a new job at H&M in Savannah), and I got a lot of compliments on my look, so I definitely wanted to photograph in it!

This summer has been off to an interesting start. I had tonsil surgery in May, and that was quite an interesting ride. The recovery was two painful weeks filled with nothing but strawberry yogurt, popsicles and Grey's Anatomy, my new favorite show! I was so miserable, but now I am feeling and sleeping so much better! So much has happened, it's crazy because I was just getting good and keeping you guys updated, but I need to do a better job clearly.

For a while, I turned to my Tumblr to write my most personal thoughts and feelings, in a journal kind of like. I'm wondering if I should post those articles or not, just because they're a little emotional, but honestly I think they're good writing samples, and maybe they'll get published one day... who knows?

Anytime I post on TMP, it's like I've reached a new point of metamorphesis... I think I need to keep doing it, every time I say that, I forget... but with me starting my fourth year of college in about 1.5 months, it needs to be updated!

That's all for now, expect more!
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