23 Months...

The past twenty-three months for me have been truly the most interesting of my life. If you keep up with me, you'd know that I started college in the fall of 2013. I was very eager, and I think I still have a little bit of that really hopeful and driven 18 year old in me somewhere. My first year of college was invetiablly a growing experience. For me, it was about understandingwhy I was so dramatic, and why I constantly surrounded myself with drama. I had new friends every week. I got into arguments, I called police, I was really a piece of work.

*If you know me well enough to pretty much know the outline of the past twenty three months, please skip down to the big "H" below!*

After my freshman year, I was finally ready to leave Augusta, however I experienced my first trial with extreme dissapointment. I wanted to move so badly, and when the opportunity was taken away from me because of something as miniscule as money, I really wanted to give up. I was ready to find a full-time job, drop out of college and maybe have a successful life. However, I decided to run the opposite direction and use one of the many permanently engrained phrases in my mind from my upbringing, "Good things come to those that wait." So I spent that year bettering myself as a Lead Orientation Leader and thoroughly enjoying that. 

After Summer 2015, I think I had an epiphany when I realized that fashion was really what I wanted to go after for a career, as well as being recognized through my blog and construction skills. I had to remember that Georgia Southern existed, and that me wanting to go there was still completely valid... so with that, I said the hardest "see ya laters" to my friends and family and finally move to Statesboro.

Moving to Statesboro has been truly pivotal in the growth of me as a designer, a student and a human being. I got a big dose of reality as I walked down the Pedestrian, I knew no one... no one knew me. That was definitely a rude awakening for me, because I was used to the first day of school being a huge reunion, even in grade school that's how it always was... Not this time... Here, it was finally time for me to prove myself. I was finally at the place where it was important for my work to show more than my name. This was my first glimpse into the real world.

I had to use my credibility everywhere I went. On the second day of school, I wore a yellow and green tunic that I made from Ghanian kente cloth. I wore it to show my professor that I was worthy of being the 6th overide she made for a class. When I went in for a job, I had to redo my entire résumé to make sure my fashion sense and retail experience showed through rather than my detailed college career of office jobs and country clubs. I had to prove myself. My charm helped, but I was able to get a job within three days of being in Statesboro. My first semester partially sucked, just because I failed two classes and I was really dissapointed in myself. I really shouldn't've failed those classes. However, I do know that Biology is not my forté, however I have a new respect for Accounting... after taking it three times (this is not a place of judgement, Madison...). It's so funny because I really thought I was ready to move away from home at 19, and I'm amazed at the people who did move away at 17 and 18. I really wasn't even ready for all of what was to come in that first semester. I must say that I was not involved in a lot of petty drama. I had a few tiffs, however nothing major... which I was honestly proud of. You would be too, but that's another topic for another day!

First semester, I established myself as a stylist, photographer and an overall style force to be reckoned with. First semester was lit... in today's lingo. I made connections with the best photographers and upper level design students and was really able to collaborate and definitely create some great content. However, just because I was on the up and up when it comes to fashion, doesn't mean that it didn't come with some more struggles. Money is usually number 1 on the list of problems  college kids deal with. However,mine is numbers 1-10. I used to have such a chokehold on my money, and being in this current state of student, it's really hard to do. Between food, drinks, clothes, gas, and the occassional time we throw a party... I literally spent everything. I'm acutally still doing it to this day, not in the same capacity because of the drought in my pockets inevitably, but it's like the money is a match and my wallet is a match box... the money is always ready to be spent...

One thing I definitely wasn't expecting was my roommates. Since I started college, I have always said that I have never had roommates that were like me, and boy was I correct this year. However, this set of roommates has definitely been the easiest to get along with. We just talk. My roommates in the past talked too, but these like to have deep conversations, I only had one roommate that liked to do that with me before. Second semester was so much better, I really proved myself by testing out of a design class, that was the confidence boost I needed after the two not so good grades I had in the previous semester. My friend group was different. I was with girls who were in classes ahead of me, however we all were on the same level so it worked. I was afforded opportunities, some of which didn't work out, but I still overall made the most of my semester.

Hopefully you're still reading. If so, you've made it to where I wrap it up... congratulations. The moral of this blog post is that you can't skip steps on the path to success. My mom says that a lot, and I think I finally started to listen. For my first 2.5 years of college, I was so focused on becoming famous. I took instagram pictures, I made a blog, I did everything I thought I could to become famous. If you would've asked me if I was 13 where I'd be by now, it would be on the cover of every magazine you know. However, I now know that in this life our steps have already been walked out, it's just us taking it one day at a time and being thankful for each day that gets us to the next.

I hope someone reads this and gets inspired to keep going. It's going to be really hard, trust me, however if you stick it out and do everything the way towards success then it's all yours. The entire world is yours. You're really special, and I thank you for letting me walk out my time...

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