My Week in Instagrams...

So, since it's really hard to document all the things that go on in my week, I thought that I would showcase the highlights of my week by the souveniers I left on my Instagram! A picture speaks 1000 words, so it's going to be fun showing you all my life and telling you about it more indepth with the personal snapshots of my Instagram! My instagram name is @rickeyjones, so go follow me, and I'll strategically plan on following you back! The pictures include clickable links for you access my Instagram.

Caption: "☀️" Story: My beautiful mother came to Statesboro to surprise me and paid my rent in person. She offered to take me to lunch so we could catch up. We decided to go to El Jalapeño, my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Boro. We had a great time and got the best lunch special they had, so of course I had to snap a pic for Instagram!

Caption: "When you're supposed to be designing, but Racquel wants you to model... #tbtStory: One of my mates Racuqel, (Instagram: @radelaney) has this super cool FujiFilm camera, and one day in class she brought it to take pictures of how her surroundings influence her, and she took this picture of me, it's like I knew to come to classes dressed that day! Funny, right? Many moons later, I decided to post it. Go follow Racquel, she has the most amazing sewing skills and is such a sweet girl. I love this picture because putting up peace signs is so cliché but I really used to enjoy doing them in my pictures. She just caught me on a really hype day. I can remember the day, it was raining and Virginia had taken a BOMB picture of me... that was a really good day! Any, follow Racquel because maybe we'll go on an adventure and have hundreds of little pictures. Can't wait 4 the fall w/ this kid.

Caption:"Back to the Drawing Board... ✏️" Story: After having a really sluggish day, I had one of those creative fits. I had to reevaluate my current work again, and really question if this something that people want to wear... It happens so often and I really need to get over it. My Senior Collection is dedicated to the Young Black Women of the 90's who didn't get the chance to make an impact like the voices of TLC, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah, just to name a few. I have decided that I want to make them glamourously sexy. My personal aesthetic is very simple yet sexy clothing. So I want to take what I would've dressed the women in the 90's like, and actually give them that, while still making it glamourous! Trust me, there is so much more to come on this...

Caption: "If it hasn't been stated publicly, this is my favorite print for the Summer! So botanical, yet not floral 😍 " Story: When I first layed eyes on this print in Hobby Lobby, I almost lost my mind! So gorgeous! Then I started seeing it EVERYWHERE. Once things start to get oversaturated, I tend to lose interest. However, I haven't lost any interest for how much I love this print!

Caption: "Current View: Lazy Days are few and far between!" Story: I have very few off days. When I say off, I mean days where I can literally lay and do absolutely nothing. Pretty much a day that I can waste and not do any work. Turns out this day turned FAR from lazy, because I ended up doing laundry, cooking two meals and having a business meeting with my organization... so let's just say that even this "lazy" day, turned out to be something complete other than that.

Caption: "College Cordon Bleu 🇫🇷😐" Story: I rarely cook. So I decided to make some seasoned tilapia with brocolli and some classic college Ramen, a little fancy, with a side of college glory. You can guarantee that I'm going to be back at El Jalapeño by the time pay day hits. My food doesn't taste bad though, maybe one day I'll cook something that requires some real effort!

As you can see, my weeks are pretty interesting. It all just depends on how you look at it! Until next post...
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