Disclaimer: This post was written in April, and I just finally put the finishing touches on it to post... ENJOY THIS MARINATED, PROPHETIC WORD. 

I am finally back in Statesboro after a 10 day excursion to Augusta. No, it was not my Spring Break, it was Masters Week. What's the Masters you ask? The Masters is an international golf tournament that just so happens to take place in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia. People from all over the world come to Augusta to enjoy the lavish lifestyle that comes with Augusta National. This week for me was not spent lavishly soaking in Augusta, however. It was spent working at the Augusta Country Club, which next to Augusta National is the premier destination for fine dining, friendly comraderie and all things Augusta.

I started working at the Augusta Country Club as a sophomore in college, and left for Georgia Southern last July. In the wake of my internship and me needing money, I text my manager to ask if I could come back for Masters, and he said yes. It just so happened this week that my grandmother needed a substitute at the Augusta Chronicle, so I was able to assist her this week! Let's just say that this week has been filled with hardwork.

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On my last night at the country club, a good friend of mine told me some very great words of wisdom. He was telling me about how his company does the Infographics for the Masters, and how busy he has been during Masters week. I told him about my internship in New York City and he was extremely proud of me. He also said something has continued to stick with me. He says the key to success is in 3 G's. Allow me to share them with you!

G#1: Good.
Alex says that to be successful, you have to be good at what you do. That's self-explanatory to some, but he put a different spin on it for me. He says that you don't have to be the best, just be good enough to get the job done well. That was such a huge burden off of my shoulders. In life everyone always tells you to be the best. Not your best, the best. And it was really reassuring to hear this extremely successful man tell me that my skills are good enough, was really comforting.

G#2: Grind.
Alex says that to be successful, you have to grind. It's funny, becuase I never thought of myself as a hustler, until my roommates started to realize that I'm up till 4AM a lot just working and trying to get better constantly. They told me that I have the grind mentality, and that stuck with me, especially after Alex told me that. I now know that my hard hard work is defnitely going to pay off soon!

G#3: Go.
This is the hardest G for me, just because I think I've always been a Big City person. I think that now with transportation becoming so accessible, I will definitely be able to expand my horizons to places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and so many other amazing places where I can pull inspiration from! I'm really excited about the future.

I hope this really encourages someone to keep their dreams going, and knowing that the hardwork never stops!

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