College Recap, so far!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's definitely been a wild time since the last time I wrote. So much has happened, good and bad, but honestly it was all worth it. I really want to start by saying that this is my hopeful attempt to finally commit to this blog. I've had it for almost four years now; it's really crazy to think that I started this as a freshman in college. How so much has happened in my life that has really changed me as a person.
How somehow now I am able to navigate somewhat life and the many challenges that have presented themselves thus far. How now, as a young man, I am becoming who I truly am supposed to be. By the way, it feels really good.

One thing I have dealt with for a very long time, is taking things one day at a time when dealing with life's stressful situations. I have had my fair share of freak out moments, or anxious feelings about situations, but it's really crazy how every day happens one at a time, and how this big monster calls life truly becomes smaller. I don't really feel like you all know me well enough. So, I think it's time for a quick chronicle of my 3.5 years of college. I'll do it by years, just to make it easier.

Started "Money for Teen$", a finance blog for teenagers.

Started college as a eager freshman who was ready to take on the world, or at least Augusta… 

Worked for Melissa Furman, one of the most influential people in my life.

Changed my major from Finance to Marketing.

Lived with two HS best friends, and the guy that put me onto Kendrick Lamar, and eventually slapped my glasses off my face.

Changed "Money for Teen$" to "The Mod Prep".

Met the love of my life, my best friend Madison, on a bus two days before school started. She really became my rock, and definitely still is to this day! I love that girl with all of me. 

Came out to a girl as she was changing clothes in my room.

Styled my first fashion show.

Screwed around really badly and had to drop a class. 

Bought my first fur and watched Yeezus.

Went from a really cocky high schooler to a regular person, in the blink of an eye.

Finished my freshman year of college. 

Became an Orientation Leader, and spent my first college summer welcoming in new students and parents.

Listened as my friend poured her heart out to me as she came out.

Saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Atlanta for FREE.

Crashed my car into a Goodwill. (…just watch this)

Cancelled plans to transfer to Georgia Southern University.

Did my first internship in food television. Completely blew it.

Lived with five Cross Country runners, and one upstairs girlfriend.

Became a Lead Orientation Leader.

Changed my major from Marketing to Public Relations.

Started working at the Augusta Country Club.

Turned 20 Years Old.

Left my birthday party to get on a bus to go to Kentucky.

Choreographed a dance that was performed in front of ~5,000 people.

Bought a new camera.

Painted my car Blue, and officially named him Point.

Applied for my first credit card, to Banana Republic.

Took a crazy and almost tragic trip to the beach with my family.

Completed another summer as an Orientation Leader.

Cried with my wife as I left Augusta.

Transferred to Georgia Southern University.

Moved Off-Campus.

Changed my major from Public Relations to Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design.

Photographed my Advisor's Wedding.

Got a job at Talbots, and found my Statesboro family.

Participated in my first styling competition, and lost.

Played Assistant Backstage Manager at a professional fashion show.

Developed a brand new group of sisters.

Started my YouTube Channel.


Exempted a major emphasis course.

Honored as an Unsung Hero by my church for Black History Month. (Of course I have the video)

Fell in love for the first time.

Started branding myself as Rickey Jones with

Turned 21 Years Old, and spent it at an empty club.

Experienced my first and probably last dive bar.

Experienced my first gay club.

Volunteered to be the President of a huge organization.

Planned to move to New York for the Summer. Didn't move to New York for the Summer.

Got a job at H&M.

Bought a new computer.

Had a terrible fall semester.

Broke my new computer.

Changed a tire (for the first time) on the side of the interstate at 10PM.

Started dating, I guess.

Won a really great competition, more details soon.

Got towed for the first time, ever.

If you're still here, Congratulations! You have successfully taken a pretty thorough roller coaster through my life over the past few years. After reading through that entire list a few times, I realized a lot has happened to me. I live quite an interesting life with a lot of different turn of events, but it's always good to know that I've survived through it all. 

I just realized, again, how therapeutic that was for me to do, so definitely be expecting more.

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