Welcome Back

I never thought I'd be here again. Writing on this platform that used to give me so much joy. I could start by boring you with useless backstory about where I've been, and what I've been doing. But I don't really feel like doing that. Just know, I'm alive, I'm a college graduate, and I am a lovable hot mess.

I'm forever conflicted with writing. I feel like certain people can write and blog because they understand the barriers or boundaries that we place on ourselves to not expose too much of our personal lives. And while I somewhat understand it, I somewhat think it's bull, and that I should be open to being transparent on my platform. I also think that the lack of confidence about being transparent on my platform is what caused me to pull away. But NO MORE. My blog, my life, my time is all for me now. And that's all that matters.

I honestly plan to just write. Whenever I feel like it, and whenever something great comes to mind. I'm not looking to be an influencer anymore, and I think that was the goal of "TMP" when I initially started. Granted, if that comes as a byproduct of me writing and expressing myself, cool. But I am not writing to be validated as an influencer over my peers. I just want to give myself the space to write and express my thoughts and opinions.

The Mod Prep is and always will be the name, because, it is still the best way to describe my style. And now more than ever, I am slowly beginning to redefine my own definition of Mod Prep, and I can't wait to have this journey with you.