Starting Over, and Over, and Over...

It's been 10 months since I walked across the stage to get my diploma. In that time, I've definitely had a little myriad of experiences that make me realize two things. 1. I need to make money. 2. I need to find my professional passion. It's funny, when I transferred schools to start at Georgia Southern, I was adamant that fashion design was my chosen field, and I was going to learn through my program and solidify a job in New York City upon graduation, and that was all she wrote. Well, I finished my program, was extremely involved, trail-blazed and redefined what it meant to be a fashion student on our campus, and didn't have not ONE job offer once I graduated.

"It's fine, I'm fine... everything is going to be fine." I moved back home and started my internship at a Costume Shop in Augusta. That was unpaid, so I had to work as a server again to be able to afford life. I worked my internship diligently for the rest of 2018. My internship was only supposed to last the summer, but since I could work 40 hours a week for free even if I wanted to, I had to extend it well past my date of completion. I started teaching in August and realized that I needed much more administrative support to be able to deal with the overwhelming nature of an inner city school. I was saved by retail and was able to get a full time key holder position at a store I'd worked at before.

I'm still working at the store currently. One day, an old colleague of mine was shopping in the store, and I remembered her instantly for her poise and I rarely forget a face. She remembered me as well, and we caught up quickly before she asked me, "Are you looking for part time work?" Honestly, at the time, the question took me a minute to process. Of course, I quickly said yes because, I love to work, and while working in retail is fun, I'm sure if she's asking me to do some part time work, then I would definitely benefit from it more. She told me, "my husband's law firm is hiring a part time receptionist. If you forward me your resume, I'll send it to him to review." So I sent her my resume as soon as I could get to my computer. And two weeks later, I was starting at the law firm part time.

Now, I realize that I went to school for Fashion, and I also realize that working at a law firm part time isn't going to make me all the money I want, but it is helping me find my professional passion. I've always had a passion for wealth, real estate, politics, and all of the things that come with it. Working in a law office is showing me the processes at which people obtain and transfer their wealth through generations. It's also showing me the ways at which law is essential to everything.

I'm still battling with negative self-talk, so some days I'm like. "Of course I can be a lawyer!" and other days I'm like, "You? A Lawyer? As if..." But one thing that's consistent across the board is that I'm proving myself at my job. I was just offered a soft full-time offer here, so that would mean that I would increase my responsibility, and also give me the opportunity to learn and grow more. What I'm realizing more now than ever is, it's not about how you start, but it's about staying in the race, and having gratitude for every step.